If you’ve even been down south, you’ve may have observed that they talk a little more slowly down there. Or is it that we talk fast? Perhaps, a little bit of both. According to an online speech tutoring site, Preply, Massachusetts is one of the fastest talking states in the U.S.

Preply compiled a list, ranking the fastest and most talkative states. According to their research, Massachusetts ranks high in America. Find out how high, below. Apparently, we have an average speech rate of 5.28 syllables per second. Woh, we’ve got to slow down. But, I feel like we do a lot of things “in the fast lane.” We drive fast, walk fast, eat fast, and now we come to find out, we talk fast. Let’s get to the facts, fast.


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    Preply’s key findings are the following (from their website):

    • The average rate of speech among U.S. states is 5.09 syllables per second
    • The U.S. state with the fastest average speech rate is Minnesota at 5.34 syllables per second
    • The U.S. state with the slowest average rate of speech is Louisiana at 4.78 syllables per second
    • The U.S. city with the fastest average rate of speech is Portland, Oregon, at 5.38 syllables per second
    • The U.S. city with the slowest average speech rate is Peoria, Illinois, at 4.71 syllables

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  • The Fastest Talking States Are...

    Based on average syllables per second, these are the top 10 fastest talking states. 3 New England states made the cut, but surprising to see so many mid-western states, and NO New York.

    1. Minnesota

    2. Oregon

    3. Iowa

    4. Kansas

    5. North Dakota

    6. Massachusetts

    7. New Hampshire

    8. South Dakota

    9. Nebraska

    10. Vermont


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  • Top 5 Fastest Talking Cities

    Again, no New York, or New York City, in this case. A Massachusetts city does make the list.

    1. Portland, Oregon

    2. Denver, Colorado

    3. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    4. Jacksonville, Florida

    5. Springfield, Massachusetts 

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  • Where are the Slow Talkers?

    Here they are! As the Preply article states, “It’s clear to see that southern regions of the U.S. harbor the slowest talking states in the country.” In fact, 9 out of the 10 states listed are located in the South.

    1. Louisiana

    2. South Carolina

    3. Mississippi

    4. Alabama

    5. Georgia

    6. New Mexico

    7. Arkansas

    8. North Carolina

    9. Texas

    10. Illinois

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  • Where's New York?

    Undoubtedly, most of us assumed New Yorkers would be on the fast talker list. It’s a stereotype, for sure. As my mother would say, “always running at the mouth.” However, according to the research done in the article, they are not fast talkers. But, they are talkers. The study suggests New York residents talk the most! Not the fastest, but they use the most words. Apparently, New Yorkers use up to 62% more words than residents from other states. Californians are also good at gabbing. They earned 2nd place for using the most words, with New Jersey just behind. On the other end, those who use the least words live in Nevada and Maryland.  

    New York City

  • What Does It All Mean

    If we are talking fast here in Massachusetts, it must be a sign of intelligence, right? According to experts, it’s more likely a sign of keeping up with your thoughts, which is commonly found in extroverts. It could also be a sign of anxiety, or even just how you have been conditioned. We mimic what we hear, so if you grew up in a family of fast talkers, you probably are one too.

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  • Remember This Fast Talker?

    Who could forget the fast talking FedEx guy from the TV commercials?


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