Adam 12

11am - 4pm

On Friday, June 17, ROCK 92.9 hosted Boston rockers Letters To Cleo at The Paradise for Ultra Rocks the Open.


Thanks to the hundreds of you who came out to the show. Thanks also to the crew at The Paradise for hosting us: one of the best rock rooms in Boston with some of the best in the business. And thanks to Michelob Ultra for keeping all of us refreshed throughout the evening. Keep scrolling for a recap and some photos and clips.


The evening began…

…in the Paradise Lounge with a VIP reception, courtesy of Michelob Ultra. Actually, is it even called the Paradise Lounge anymore? Remember back in the day when they’d have actual shows in the Lounge? I think I even deejayed there a few times. And I know I saw the Aussie band Jet in one of their first-ever U.S. dates back in 2003. UPDATE: yes, it’s still called the Paradise Lounge. The open an hour before showtime, stay open after the band wraps up their set in the big room, and they serve great food.


Letters To Cleo

The band was in top form when they took the stage shortly before 9 p.m. They opened with upbeat rocker “Demon Rock,” the opener to their 1995 sophomore album Wholesale Meats and Fish. The followed it up with the song that follows that one up on that album, “Fast Way.” And from their on out, it was just hit after high-energy hit. “Awake,” “Anchor,” and “Here & Now” were all in the mix, as well as covers of Nick Lowe’s “Cruel To Be Kind” and their beloved take on Cheap Trick‘s “I Want You To Want Me,” which featured during the encore.


It was a Boston rock show with one of Boston’s all-time great rock bands in one of Boston’s best rock rooms: Letters To Cleo at the Paradise. Take a look below.

  • The Paradise Marquee

    Paradise Marquee, Letters to Cleo

  • A pre-show toast

    Adam 12 on stage at the Paradise

  • "Demon Rock"

    Letters To Cleo Plays "Demon Rock"

  • Hey, Kay!

    Kay Hanley with Letters To Cleo

  • Kay Slays the Crowd

    Kay Hanley slays the crowd

  • Photo Booth Action

    Adam 12 from the Mich Ultra Photo Booth

  • Thanks for rocking with us!

    Tonight’s the night 🙌 we’re ready for you @letters_to_cleo 🎶

    Posted by Rock 92.9 Rocks on Friday, June 17, 2022