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NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 08: A Girl Scouts sells cookies as a winter storm moves in on February 8, 2013 in New York City. The scouts did brisk business, setting up shop in locations around Midtown Manhattan on National Girl Scout Cookie Day. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

‘Tis the season for your coworkers to shake you down on behalf of their kids and for your trips to the grocery store to be haunted by grade-school MLMers.


I’m talking, of course, about Girl Scout Cookies. The 2022 sales push is on, and there’s a new cookie in the mix.

  • Introducing...Adventurefuls

    Announced last summer, Adventurefuls are the latest entry into the Girl Scout Cookie canon.

  • Yeah, but can I get 'em in Mass?

    According to the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts website, you can. Along with a bunch of your other faves, like the ones in the green box.

  • The real

    You can keep your Thin Mints, by the way. Gimme aaall the Samoas, Samoa Joe. Just one more thing, Girl Scouts: keep making those moves away from using palm oil in your cookies. Kids the world around thank you.