Adam 12

11am - 4pm

Ann Dustin Wilson Heart Born June 19th, 1950

When you get a chance to chat with a rock legend, you don’t pass it up. It’s me, Adam 12, and Ann Wilson of Heart.

  • Adam 12 and Ann Wilson

    We talked about Ann’s forthcoming solo album Fierce Bliss, the special guests who joined her on the record, the legendary studio where it was recorded, and strong female voices in rock.

  • 'Fierce Bliss'

    Ann’s third solo album, Fierce Bliss, drops on April 29. Get all the details here.

  • Ann covers "Rooster"

    Here’s Ann’s version of Alice In Chains “Rooster” that I mention at the beginning of our chat.

  • See Ann on tour

    Ann Wilson comes to Indian Ranch on Saturday, July 23. Get tickets and details here.