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Turns out Massachusetts drinkers aren’t the stingiest, nor are we the most generous, when tipping Massachusetts bartenders.


Last month, I dug into a report by the team at Upgraded Points that surveyed over two thousand drinkers across America on their bar ordering habits. The drinkers were asked about the following: their alcoholic beverage of choice, their classic beer of choice, and their classic cocktail of choice, along with a few other questions. As usual, I focused on the six New England states. If you want the full bar menu, you can read the full report here.


That report, How Residents in Each U.S. State Order at the Bar, has since been updated. And the new data shines a light on drinkers and their tipping habits. And as it turns out, Massachusetts lands in the middle of the pack. The same can be said about the rest of the New England states as well: not one landed on the lists. Now, what are the lists, you might ask? The states that tip the most, the states that tip the least, and the states that don’t tip at all.


How Well Do Drinkers Tip Massachusetts Bartenders?

So now that we’ve established that drinkers in the Commonwealth do pretty well when it comes to taking care of the bartender, let’s point our fingers at the states that don’t and join in a chorus of: “Shame! Shame! Shame!” Before we do that, however, we’ll tip our hats to the states that tip the most: Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, Colorado, and New Jersey make up that Top 5.


Below, we’ll start with the five states that tip the least. Then, we’ll move onto the five states that are best known for stiffing their bartenders. Which should be a punishable crime, in my book. Be generous at the bar, please!

  • 5) Arkansas

    Close to 20% of drinkers in Arkansas tip less than 10%.

  • 3T) Tennessee

    Tennessee drinkers are counting their beans and not giving many to the barkeep.

  • 3T) Louisiana

    Ditto on Louisiana.

  • 2) Texas

    Everything’s bigger in Texas…except the tip line on the bar tab, apparently.

  • 1) Mississippi

    Close to 30% of Mississippi drinkers tip their staff less than 10%.

  • 4T) Utah

    To be fair, there aren’t many bars in Utah. So there’s that.


  • 4T) Washington

    Washington, on the other hand, has plenty of bars and breweries. So what’s up with that?

  • 3) Iowa

    Iowa celebrated National Beer Day. They just didn’t tip their bartender.

  • 1T) Minnesota

    A whopping 8% of drinkers in Minnesota don’t tip. Wild.

  • 1T) Kansas

    Shame! Shame! Shame!

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