Everyone has a favorite nail color, but New Englanders have a very specific trend when it comes to colors. See what they are!

There’s a unique kind of magic that happens when you walk into a nail salon. Beyond the familiar scent of nail polishes and removers there’s an exhilarating anticipation that accompanies choosing a nail color. It’s a ritual that many love and look forward to, and for a good reason.

Selecting a nail color is not just about aesthetic appeal; it’s a personal declaration. Whether you’re feeling bold, demure, playful, or sophisticated, your choice reflects your mood, personality, and even the season. Every bottle of color carries with it a narrative. Perhaps it’s that fiery red that makes you feel invincible, the soft pastel that complements a special outfit, or that glittery shade that’s just perfect for a festive occasion. Whatever the story, the decision is always uniquely yours.

Each State In America Has Their Favorite Nail Colors

Interestingly, while personal preferences play a significant role, there are trends and patterns even in nail color choices. Just as states have their favorite foods, traditions, and quirks, they also tend to lean towards certain nail colors more than others. Imagine a palette inspired by the golden beaches of California, the earthy tones of the Midwest, or the tropical vibes of Florida. Every state tells its color story.

The team at Shane Co. took to Google Trends to find the most popular nail color in every state in each season.

Female hand with beautiful holiday manicure - silver glittered nails on Christmas tinsel background with blurred lights

The State of Connecticut loves wearing silver in the Spring season. Do you love silver too?

New England Nail Lovers Have Their Favorites

Speaking of favorite color palates, let’s zero in on New England. Known for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and distinct seasons, New England surely has its favorites. Do you follow these nail trends or do you venture out of the stereotypical box?

  • Maine's Favorite Nail Colors

    woman with hands on her hips in a blue dress with blue nail polish

    Maine residents prefer these nail colors, depending on the season of course!

    Spring: Blue
    Summer: Pink
    Fall: Green
    Winter: French

  • Vermont's Favorite Nail Colors

    woman with black nails holding them up to the camera

    Hello, Vermont! Are you going through an emo phase? You love black nails in the Spring and Summer!

    Spring: Black
    Summer: Black
    Fall: French
    Winter: Pink

  • Connecticut's Favorite Nail Colors

    Silver nail color

    It doesn’t need to be Christmas in CT to rock silver. In fact, residents of CT love wearing this color in the Spring!

    Spring: Silver
    Summer: Yellow
    Fall: Green
    Winter: Grey

  • New Hampshire's Favorite Nail Colors

    woman holding a purse with yellow nails

    New Hampshire LOVES the color yellow in multiple seasons! Maybe that means they are sunny and bright people!

    Spring: Yellow
    Summer: Pink
    Fall: Purple
    Winter: Yellow

  • Rhode Island's Favorite Nail Colors

    woman resting her hands on her chin with red nail polish

    Rhode Island is the only state in New England where red is their favorite color. Surprising, right?

    Spring: Brown
    Summer: French
    Fall: Red
    Winter: Orange

  • Massachusetts' Favorite Nail Colors

    woman in yellow dress with french manicure

    What is it about Massachusetts people? We are OBSESSED with the French manicure. Call us traditional I guess.

    Spring: Pink
    Summer: French
    Fall: French
    Winter: French

  • Here's All Of The State's Favorite Colors

    list of all of the popular nail colors by each state

    Every state has a favorite nail color. See where all of the New England States land

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