We all appreciate living in New England for it’s historic charm. But, beautiful old homes certainly have their challenges. My home is 113 years old and it needs “saving” on a regular basis. It’s worth it, though. The Home and Garden TV network has made a name for itself, and a hugely popular business, by fixing and renovating homes all over the country. Well, get ready New England, because another television program is going to be based here. If you’ve got an “oddball house”… a Massachusetts couple to the rescue in a new HGTV show!

According to Boston Magazine, Stoughton, Mass. husband and wife, Mike and Denese Butler will be fixing up homes around southern Massachusetts suburbs. If you have those “charming quirks” that present daily challenges, this show is for you. Whether it’s a misplaced staircase, rooms you have to walk through to get to a bathroom or a disfunctional kitchen, the Butlers can help.

The new HGTV series is called Fix My Frankenhouse. It premieres this Sunday, April 23 at 9:00pm. Mike and Denese Butler, along with a Stoughton-based renovation and design team, will fix the weirdness. They will transorm the oddball designs and turn your Frankenhouse into a fabulous house. The article says that “Mike will handle the construction side of things while Denese will use custom finishes to style their completed projects.”

This isn’t the only HGTV set in New England. Take a look below at some other popular shows from the area.

  • Fix My Frankenhouse - Season 1

    Sunday at 9:00pm

    Season 1 will follow the Butlers as they transform an early 1900s home into convenient modern living. On Fix My Frankenhouse, They will demolish the dysfuntional. Through 6 episodes they will work on homes in Weymouth, Wareham, Dedham, Millbury, Rehoboth, and Hanover. The couples kids will also be a part of the show, bringing that intimate family feel to it.

  • Houses With History

    Saturdays at 8:00 and 9:00pm

    Houses with History stars Mike Lemieux, a history buff, carpenter Rich Soares and designer Jen MacDonald. They are all “passionate preservationists.” You will find them restoring historic home in the Plymouth area. 

  • Farmhouse Fixer

    Good news for fans of this series starring New Kids On The Block’s Jonathan Knight. It’s being renewed! But don’t hold your breath waiting for the new season of Farmhouse Fixer. The 3rd season is coming, but not until 2024. The show is hugely popular. Season 2 brought in more than 15 million viewers. Jonathan and his TV partner, designer Kristina Crestin, will be back to beautify gorgeous old farmhouses around New England for 8 episodes, in 2024. The pair is currently starring in Rock the Block.

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