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Going viral on Twitter isn’t something that happens every day. But apparently, it happens to me every year.


Last November, when Taylor Swift was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, I made the mistake of tweeting some snark during her performance.

By the time I woke up Sunday morning, my tweets had been shared a thousand times over, and Swifties had absolutely destroyed my mentions. There were death threats, slurs, and an attempt to hack my Twitter account. But there were also some damn good burns and earnest, astute arguments put forth. I wasn’t a fan of the vitriol, but I have to respect the passion and knowledge of Taylor Swift fans.


Now, far be it from me to make the same mistake twice. Since my Swift misstep last year, I haven’t dared even make a passing mention of the pop star on the blue bird app. But I do love Twitter, despite current owner Elon Musk doing everything in his power–both accidentally and on purpose–to tank the social platform in real time. I actually love it more now, because watching him fail his funny. Just scroll through my Twitter and you’ll see. And I’m certainly not one to shy away from taking a snarky swipe at a musician. (Just not Taylor Swift anymore).

Going Viral on Twitter: It Happened Again

This morning, I saw a clip of Morrissey ending his L.A. concert early over the weekend. Nine songs and done, apparently because it was too cold (50 degrees) in L.A. for him to continue. If you know anything about Morrissey, you know that absolutely tracks. It’s actually a miracle he didn’t cancel the show outright just hours before he was set to take the stage, because that’s a move he’s been known to do. Anyway, I riffed on it and it took off and you can see what I said and what people said below and you can also follow me on Twitter while Twitter is still a thing. Thanks.