Funny tweets, for better or for worse, have gotten me through some pretty rough patches over the years. Maybe they’ll help you, too.


As I’ve mentioned before in this space, Twitter is my social media drug of choice. And I’m still hanging out there on the regular, despite Elon Musk doing everything in his power to make the site as inhospitable as it’s ever been. I’m not a True Poster like the all-time greatest Twitter user, but I do like my posts.


I might be in the minority here, but I use Twitter’s “Like” feature as a bookmark, primarily. Yes, I know Twitter also has a Bookmark” feature. But I’ve never bothered to look into that. Back when “Likes” were “Faves,” I’d fave the posts that made me laugh so that I could go back to them whenever I needed that all-important dopamine fix that social media is so good at delivering.


In a recent scroll-through (which takes some time; I’ve “liked” over 1100 tweets), I realized something. A lot of my favorite funny posts are holiday-related. Because, let’s face it, the holidays are a complicated time for a lot of people. Not everyone associates joy with Christmas. And a lot of people–myself included–use humor as a coping mechanism when times are tough.


Funny Tweets to Get You Through the Holidays


So I made a list. But I didn’t check it twice. Because I’m not Santa Claus. I’m just your local rock radio DJ, sharing a few funny posts from Twitter to give you a laugh if you need it. And if you want to follow me on Twitter, I’m @adamxii. I can’t promise all my posts will be as funny as the ones I’ve shared below, but I can promise you’ll be entertained from time to time. Until Elon kicks me off for making fun of him.

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