Ed's Secret Sauce could be one of the 5 Fictional Foods From Movies And TV that look delicious! (Photo by Catherine Powell/Getty Images for for Paramount+)

Have you ever seen fictional foods from movies and TV that actually end up looking delicious? Chances are you have encountered this at some point!

You expect food on shows like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Beat Bobby Flay on The Food Network to be mouth watering. They are actual dishes made by professional chefs and attract a real-life crowd. However, you don’t expect to find delicious looking food in cartoons or comedy movies. Have you ever seen fictional foods from movies and TV that you really wish you could try?

Fictional Foods From Movies And TV That Look Good

It can’t be explained but there’s something about some food in movies and TV shows that leave you end up wanting to try it. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s hyped up on the show or movie and you get some FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Another possibility is how we always want what we can’t have. These foods only exist within that specific worth in the show or movie. We can’t go out and order it from DoorDash or pick it up from a local drive-thru. In the real world, we’ll never be able to try these foods. Could that be what makes them look so tasty?

This can happen in live action movies or even in cartoons and animated content. In fact, some of the best examples that will be featured below on the list of the best fictional foods from movies and TV are from animations. It might sound strange, but you’ll be able to relate once you see it. It could be nostalgia but you’ll be left wanting to try these delicious treats.

For this list we wanted to focus on food you can’t find out there in the real world. Even though we wish we could! Maybe next time we can get a list going of the best fictional beverages. A glass of Star Wars Blue Milk, anyone? Check out the list of 5 fictional foods from movie and TV shows that look like they’d be good below! Are we missing any? Let us know!

  • Krabby Patty from "Spongebob"

    When I think about animated food that looks delicious the Krabby Patty is one of the first things to come to mind. It’s simple but there’s something about it. I see one and I turn into Plankton with my desire to obtain a delicious Krabby Patty. I’m surprised they haven’t opened Krusty Krab locations in real life. You could have the Krabby Patty, the Krusty Krab Pizza, there are so many possibilities! Let’s get it going!

  • Pizza from "A Goofy Movie"

    If you remember this movie, you remember that pizza. It was so cheesy it looked so good! The way it melted and pulls from the base–it’s truly mouthwatering. Few examples look better than that pizza. There’s something about that movie where even the Cheese Whiz looks good. Or is there just something about the timing of when I watch that movie? It always looks so good.

  • Ratatouille from "Ratatouille"

    Sure, it’s animated. However, nearly every dish featured in the movie looks tasty. The animation department really did their job. It’s set in Paris so there’s already pressure for the food to look like the best in the world–and they delivered. Even though most of the food featured in the movie looks good, none look better than the Ratatouille. Mmm.

  • Ed's Special Sauce from "Good Burger"

    What is in the sauce? What’s the secret? I always assumed it was just like Mac Sauce from McDonald’s. Maybe it’s more like Animal Sauce from In N Out? We know it has ketchup and lemon juice and tastes like lemonade and BBQ sauce because Ed says so in the movie, per Mama Plus One. However, we don’t know much more than that! I suppose that description would mean it is not like Mac Sauce so now I’m at a loss. It looked dangerously good in the movie from the reactions it got and I want some!

  • Scooby Snacks from "Scooby Doo"

    Are Scooby Snacks actually dog food? Does it matter? You can’t say part of you didn’t want to try them to see what all the fuss was about. Don’t act like you never tried dog biscuits just to see what they tasted like. They look really good in the shows and movies based on the reaction. Are they “special” treats? They could be! Okay, if you don’t want to try the Scooby Snacks then you can’t deny you want one of those mega sandwiches Shaggy and Scoob are always eating.

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