Target is the ultimate store where you can walk in to buy just one thing and walk out with a carriage full of things you didn’t need. When you ask the average consumer why they shop at Target stores, you’ll get a variety of answers but the most common one is “you can find absolutely anything at a Target store.” Because of this, there are up to 50 stores in the state of Massachusetts. From Hadley and Lanesborough to Boston and Lowell and Kingston Massachusetts and beyond. There is a Target store in every corner of the state. And we have done the research to find out which ones reign supreme.

Here’s how we did the research. We looked up every Target store in the state by location. We then looked at google ratings by its customers. We simply rank the top 20 by rating out of 5 stars and in the event of a tie, the store with the highest number of reviews will win.

Target’s motto is “Expect More. Pay Less.” For the most part, people shop at Target to grab anything from baby products to household items to groceries. Not every Target has a grocery section but many do. Either way, we can bet money that if you’re planning on going to a Target store for one item, you’ll come out with at least two.

So where does the Target store in your neighborhood rank? Get ready because we have taken the top 20 stores in Massachusetts and heavily dissected them (in other words, taken their ratings and put them in order) so you can decide which one you’d like to waste your time in. Or, so you can celebrate that your Target store is the best in the state. Let us know if you agree with these rankings. Happy shopping!

  • #20.) 4165 Washington St, Roslindale, MA

    The impression of this location is that it’s a small satellite type of store in a more busy plaza…not a stand alone location. From the looks of the reviews, it’s definitely a smaller Target but customers seem to be able to find everything they need when they go. Customer service seems to be top notch as there are numerous reviews about how customers have had employees help them find items. “Good experience, prices in line with other stores in area.”

    Target, Roslindale, MA - Now Open | Atlantic Retail

    Atlantic Retail is proud to announce the opening of Target in Roslindale, MA, the retailer's newest flexible-format location in the Boston neighborhood. Additional 2018 Massachusetts openings are planned in Medford, Burlington, and Porter Square in Cambridge.

  • #19.) 81 Taunton Depot Dr, Taunton, MA

    So this location got a pretty passionate response from one of our listeners on Facebook. Kim Conrod wrote: “How did taunton place higher than easton? I can never find what I’m looking for in taunton – easton for the win lol.” The one consistent complaint I did see and is backed up by this photo is clothes being thrown all over the floor in the dressing rooms. I found this video however, that actually shows you what happens to the clothes in the dressing rooms at Target AFTER they’re tried on.




  • #18.) 101 Commerce Way, Woburn, MA

    One of Target’s biggest locations, however after reading many reviews it seems as if it’s not the cleanliest. Many customers have recently complained about messes and clothes being thrown around. Another consistent fact according to customers about this location is that the stores are very much bare and not properly stocked. Although with a 4.1 rating, there are a lot of positives including its size.

    Watch as one Youtuber finds more and more bare shelves at Target stores.

  • #17.) 479 State Rd, Dartmouth, MA

    This is another location where reviews were consistent with clothes being thrown all over the place. Many customers submitted photos. One review said “The store is always in shambles.” Our listener Jennifer Mayo says this Target and the Wareham location are her “go tos.”

    In this video: a Youtuber shows you the toy section of the Target in Dartmouth and how happy he was to find so many WWE action figures.


  • #16.) 70 Worcester-Providence Turnpike #100, Millbury, MA

    Our listener Teresa loves this Target for good reason. According to Teresa Mullen: 5% off debt red card with every purchase order pick up or drive up is really cool and convenient. The target circle deals / coupons and 5cents off every reusable bag you bring in, but I also shop at Walmart too sometimes.” Customer reviews talk about how convenient the online shopping aspect of this store is.

    In regards to Target’s Circle Deals that Teresa mentioned, here are some tips for next year’s Target Circle Deals.

    Target Circle Week 2024: The Best Target Circle Week Deals

    Target Circle Week is happening now through April 13, 2024, and we've got all the deals you can shop this week. For the first time ever, these deals will be automatically added to your free Target...

  • #15.) 605 Boston Post Rd E, Marlborough, MA

    One consistent review of this Marlborough Target is that is the least busy of the other stores in the area. The stores itself is described as big and there is plenty of parking. William described it as “One of the cleanest Target’s I’ve been to.”

    Target in East Marlborough Opens Today

    Target in East Marlborough Opens Today - Marlborough, MA - The new Target on Boston Post Rd. E. near the Sudbury line opened today in anticipation of its grand opening Sunday, March 6.

  • #14.) 423 Donald Lynch Blvd, Marlborough, MA

    “Cashier was very helpful when I was struggling with the Target app at checkout.”

    This location is praised by many because of its close proximity to the Solomon Pond Mall. There are four self check outs and a friendly staff willing to help if you need it. Two particular employees, Eric and Andrea, were named specifically for their outstanding service. Look for them if you go! Also, a few customer reviews mentioned how easy it was to order from their app, so here is a run down of exactly how to do just that.

  • #13.) 210 Ballardvale St, Wilmington, MA

    This location is rather large and from what one customer described, it has a huge selection of women’s clothing…more than other stores. Its location is super convenient being right off of 93. Their employees are also known for going above and beyond, as in this news story from Boston 25:

    Mother praises Wilmington Target worker for helping calm toddler

    A Massachusetts mother is singing the praises of a Target employee.

  • #12.) 221 University Ave, Westwood, MA

    Joanna who is a frequent Target shopper describes this location as one of the biggest she’s been to. There is a Starbucks at this location so you can grab your coffee and a snack while you do your shopping. There were some complaints however for long lines and having to wait. The good news however is that there is apparently another Target coming to Westwood in 2024.

    Target announces opening plans for Westwood store

    Target has announced opening plans for a new store in Westwood.

  • #11.) 50 Holyoke St, Holyoke, MA

    There have been some negative reviews at this location in recent weeks. One in particular seems to think there is a staff shortage where lines were long and she couldn’t find anyone to help her. This location does hold charity events, like this toy drive.

    Holyoke Police hosts annual Toy Drive at Target

    The Holyoke Police Department's Narcotics Bureau and Detective Bureau will be at target for their annual Toy Drive on Sunday.

  • #10.) 36 Furlong Dr, Revere, MA

    One of the bigger Target stores in Massachusetts, the Revere location has both a Starbucks and a Pizza Hut inside. Beware however, as one customer complaint is that several of the shopping carts bump and have bum wheels. While most of the reviews are positive, this location is not free of controversy however. Much like this news story of a fire inside:

    After Fire Set Inside Revere Target Store, Authorities Seek Person Seen Nearby

    Authorities are seeking a person who may know something about a pair of fires in and around a Target store in Revere, Massachusetts, Tuesday night, offering up to $5,000 to anyone who provides information leading to an arrest. A fire was lit in a trash can in a restroom in the lobby of the Target on Furlong Street.

  • #9.) 67 Pleasant Valley St, Methuen, MA

    So from first glance at customer reviews in Methuen, we notice the wanting to shout out customer service members. “Plenty of red shirts around if you need assistance.” Several customers however did complain about the fact there is no self checkout. The shelves seem to be stocked pretty well as seen in this video from the toy department.

  • #8.) 1 Hawes Wy, Stoughton, MA

    Interesting fact about this Target is the fact that they have an underground parking area. One customer mentioned how easy and stress free returning items was, as outlined in this video.

  • #7.) 86 Orchard Hill Park Dr, Leominster, MA

    This is my mother’s Target location and she LOVES it. Warning, their snack bar has been removed but they DO have a Starbucks.  Great news, there IS an Ulta as well at this location for makeup and beauty lovers.

  • #6.) 1205 S Washington St, North Attleborough, MA

    Despite this particular location being #6 in the state, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our listener Siobhan McCann’s comment: “People 💩 in the aisles in North Attleboro, I guess they weren’t in that day for a review.” Regardless of that, this location’s reviews talked a lot about ordering online. According to Barbara: “Since Covid made shopping harder for all , it was a great experience to shop curbside.”


  • #5.) 2421 Cranberry Hwy Suite 110, Wareham, MA

    (508) 273-0436

    Pebbles hometown of Wareham has a winner of a Target. One interesting and very positive fact about this location is that they have a nursing room for new mothers. One review from Quinn actually called this location the “best one in Massachusetts.”

    Target Store Inside

  • #4.) 655 Cheshire Rd, Lanesborough, MA

    This location offers curbside pickup and ordering online and the most recent reviews rave about just that. While it is located in somewhat of an abandoned shopping mall, the Target offers everything you need. Be careful as we saw a few reviews saying they don’t update their stock online and when they went to the store, the item was not available.

  • #3.) 91 Taunton St, Plainville, MA

    Pedro called this the “best Target store in the country!” This location has actually just been remodeled. Jamie Mitton mentioned Target’s new debit card that “is a great tool to save money! Especially if you don’t want the credit card. You still get alot of the same benefits including 5% off of all of your purchases. They also give incentives to link them, such as the $40 coupon!”

  • #2.) 250 Fortune Blvd, Milford, MA

    There has been a recent remodel of this location that many love. They’ve added several self check outs. Like many others, there is a Starbucks here. I did see a few complaints about expiration dates so make sure you’re looking before you buy. Tim said, “The optical department was excellent. With prompt and courteous service. They took style, price and function into account when helping me pick out and purchases eye wear. Sam was very informative and pleasant during purchase.”

  • #1.) 1341 Boylston St, Boston, MA

    Well you have to admit, this may be the most convenient location of any Target in Massachusetts. While there is no parking because of its location, there certainly is plenty of convenience in every other area possible. There are several floors and some actually described it as maybe being TOO big.

    Here is a YouTube tour of the #1 ranked Target in Massachusetts!

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