Angry little kid screaming and throwing a tantrum while grocery shopping with her mom at the supermarket because she won't buy her candy

“From the Basket to the Casket.” It’s a catchy saying many in Massachusetts use to profess their love of Market Basket. People in New England fall in love with Market Basket regularly. It has become a shopping staple for many families here. And although sometimes the masses get a little overwhelmed when walking into Market Basket due to the high traffic, we appreciate the cleanliness and overall quality of the store – and we love their prices (sometimes). We have come to understand why Market Basket isn’t just a grocery store, it’s a way of life.

Now, with shopping at Market Basket comes great responsibility. It also comes with great frustration. We have taken a survey on Facebook asking people what their advice is for shopping at Market Basket. In fact, we asked about people’s “Dos and Don’ts about shopping at Massachusetts Market Baskets.” I’ll be totally honest. We were overwhelmed at the amount of responses we received. In a matter of minutes, we had HUNDREDS of answers. Everything from what to do with your shopping cart to how long if at all you should wait at the deli to get pre sliced meats and cheeses. Regardless, your answers were logged. Your answers were heard. And your answers were hilarious.

We have taken each of those answers and put together our list of our favorites. These will either help you or you may just laugh hysterically at them and do the opposite. Take each answer with a grain of salt. But just remember, on your next trip to Market Basket here in Massachusetts, always refer to this list. It could save you your sanity. Regardless of which one you go to, these answers relate to every one. Best of luck on your next Market Basket excursion. We will pray for you.

  • DO: "sing in the aisles to Market Basket radio"

    Market Basket radio can be so soothing. It takes the edge off of the awful task at hand. And your singing can’t be that bad, can it?

    Love the tunes at your local Market Basket? The supermarket now has a playlist just for you.

    Born of an April fools prank, the "MB Store Songs CD" playlist is live on Spotify. Learn more at

  • DON'T: "wait an hour at the deli, just get the pre sliced!"

    That pesky deli can take FOREVER. Pre sliced is the way to go. And many pre sliced meats and cheeses taste even better.

    Department - Deli - Market Basket

    Our talented Deli Department is always in high demand, using only the freshest ingredients to prepare our Signature Market Basket all-natural deli meats.

  • DO: "go shopping with all of your children, your mother, mom’s mom, your cousin, your second cousin, aunt, uncle etc 😂😂😂"

    Ahhhh yes, the dreaded “let’s take my family of 18 to Market Basket.” This answer is a tad sarcastic as those big families can be rather annoying at an already very crowded store.

    10 Tips for Grocery Shopping for a Large Family

    Minimize stress, reduce waste, and get the most bang for your buck with these 10 grocery shopping tips for large families.

  • DON'T: "go shopping on a Sunday!"

    Sundays are by far the busiest days of the week to go grocery shopping. SAVE YOURSELF. Try going on an “off day.” Although, with MB, are there really any?

    The best - and worst - times to go grocery shopping

    Grocery shopping can be a horrible experience when it's packed. Here are the best times to go grocery shopping in the week to avoid the crowds.

  • DO: "Leave your shopping cart in the middle of the aisle, preferably right next to the employees who are forever stocking shelves. And definitely go to the deli, grab a number, do all of your shopping and then go back to the deli to see they’ve only waited on 2 customers."

    The dreaded shopping cart in the middle of the aisle. It seems as if it happens EVERY time you go shopping doesn’t it? Do better! Use proper etiquette.

    A Guide to Good Grocery Shopping Etiquette

    This article is all about how to make sure that both you and those around you have a pleasant experience while shopping and checking out at the grocery store.

  • DON'T: "Shop on an empty stomach"

    This is an unwritten rule. When you’re shopping on an empty stomach, you’ll buy more ’cause you’re so hungry.

    Don't Go Grocery Shopping When Hungry! Systemic Signaling in Zinc Homeostasis

    Going grocery shopping on an empty stomach is a bad idea. You're bound to make poor decisions that are not based on nutritional content of the food but on temporary cravings that will leave you asking for more later. Plants face this nutritional puzzle every day, since they eat where they shop, and shop while they eat.

  • DON'T: "Go on the day before a storm is predicted"

    Probably one of the busiest days to go shopping is the day before a big storm. Everyone rushes and buys out the toilet paper and milk and bread.

    Psychiatrist explains why people may rush to stock up before a storm

    Dr. Suvrat Bhargave said there are factors that can contribute to people emptying shelves before Georgia's potential winter storm.

  • DO: "Ask to sample the deli meat."

    Ahh yes, the deli meat. They will most definitely allow you to try something before you buy it. So, if you’re hungry you may get a nice snack while you wait.

    Free Samples Are Back at Grocery Stores (for the Most Part)

    Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and more are reintroducing in-store free samples.

  • DON'T: " Eat a whole bag of chips while you shop then forget to pay for it 🤣🤣"

    While shopping, you may get hungry. You can eat those chips, just don’t forget to pay for them on the way out.

    Help! Forgot to pay for stuff at the grocery store...go back or not?

    My sister just called me, she forgot to pay for her stuff at the grocery store. She is home now and worried sick. Her DH wants to go back and pay for it. My advice is to not go back, since that is what I have read here.

  • DO: "Wear ear buds to combat the claustrophobia from the excessive amount of people in your personal space at all times."

    Yes, it’s a cluster f**k at most Market Baskets. Ear buds can help with excessive loud noises and can avoid having to talk to people you don’t want to.

    Market Basket Reducing Crowd Size Inside Stores

    Market Basket has announced additional social distancing measures that will take effect April 2, including limiting the number of customers shopping at one time.

  • DON'T: "Buy the manager's special"

    We all know the manager’s special is an item that is about to go bad. It’s cheaper, but you’re taking your chances.

    What is a Manager's Special?

    What is a Manager's Special? Why do you want to buy it?? Always keep your eyes open for specials and products that are marked down. Every day departments mark down items that are nearing expiration.

  • DO: "Bring a kid and have them get everything on your list while you’re waiting for deli"

    Yup, call for reinforcements. Bring a family member to grab all of the items you need while you wait at the deli. You could be there for hours.

    50 Tips for Grocery Shopping - zen habits

    Every Tuesday is Finance & Family Day at Zen Habits. As you might already know, I've got a big family - the wife and I plus six rugrats. Plus a cat and a dog. We can go through an awful lot of food. Groceries (along with the rent and car and gas) are one of [...]

  • DO: "Get take out after you shop there because it’s too exhausting and stressful to cook afterwards "

    After you’re done at Market Basket, you’ll be exhausted and won’t have energy to do anything. So, get take out. You’re welcome.


    10 amazing food preps to do when you get home from the grocery store that will save you time during the busy week or meal prep time.

  • DON'T: "Don't make eye contact with the person behind you with only 6 items when you have 300"

    Don’t do it! You’ll be guilted into letting them go in front of you. And when will it end?

    A Guide to Good Grocery Shopping Etiquette

    This article is all about how to make sure that both you and those around you have a pleasant experience while shopping and checking out at the grocery store.

  • DON'T: "Don’t leave your damn cart in the middle of the aisle"

    Simple cart etiquette is necessary. PULL THE CART TO THE SIDE!

    Grocery Cart Etiquette -You're Going to Wish Everyone Used This!

    Have you noticed that no one seems to know the etiquette of using their grocery cart in the aisles? Here's a quick how-to of grocery cart etiquette!

    Grocery Cart Etiquette -You're Going to Wish Everyone Used This!

    Have you noticed that no one seems to know the etiquette of using their grocery cart in the aisles? Here's a quick how-to of grocery cart etiquette!

  • DO: "Bring a pick up grabber thingy on the weekends most items are pushed back."

    Need a “grabby thing?” You can easily get one super cheap. This will help our height challenged friends.

    The Best Reacher Grabber Tools of 2024

    We tested reacher grabber tools such as the Vive Rotating Reacher, Grab-It, and Birdrock tool to find the best mobility and accessibility aid device.

  • DO: "Walk only on the orange squares: the floor is lava"

    It’s a fun game to play while you’re there. Don’t walk on the floor…it’s lava!

    How to Play The Floor is Lava at Home - A Cotton Kandi Life

    Share the Sweetness 3 3SharesNow that you know how we built our Obstacle Course from THIS POST, let's cover how we actually played the game, The Floor is Lava. On the TV Game Show, all the contestants have to do is make it across the lava pit.

  • DO: "Wear your rattiest pajamas"

    For some reason, many of us love to wear our pajamas while grocery shopping. It’s become a staple. Embrace it!

    How appropriate is it to wear pajamas in grocery stores?

    On The Way By Olivia Fowler Recently we were surprised to see someone shopping in the grocery store wearing flannel pajamas. They were also wearing socks with flip flops. It was apparent, after asking Google if pajamas are now daytime attire, that we've been out of the fashion loop.

  • DO: "Bring pepper spray and a billly club."

    Okay, this may be a bit dramatic but it couldn’t hurt to have extra protection when you go anywhere, especially alone.

  • DO: "Meditate before you go"

    Meditation can calm nerves. It can ease anxiety you may be feeling trying to find a parking spot or wait in long lines.

    How to Meditate

    We will walk you through how to meditate properly, the benefits of regular meditation practice, and the various styles of meditation. Free guided audio meditations and resources.

  • DO: "Return your cart to the bins when you're done"

    Do NOT just leave your cart in the middle of the parking lot. This creates havoc and gives the workers more work to do. Be courteous.

    The 'shopping cart theory' supposedly determines who is a good person and who isn't

    The viral 'shopping cart theory' proposes that an individual's moral character can be determined by whether they choose to return a shopping cart to its designated spot or not.

  • DO: "Plan the family reunion in the freezer section on a saturday afternoon"

    How does this always happen at a Market Basket? ALWAYS

    Market Basket workers and customers enjoy 'family' reunion

    PORTSMOUTH - A sign in the window of Market Basket on Lafayette Road welcomes back loyal customers and thanks everyone for supporting the employees during a nearly six-week standoff with management t...

  • DO: "If you are height challenged, wear heels!"

    Wearing heels may be uncomfortable, but it’ll help you reach those very high shelves.

    Shopping in high heels can make you a smart shopper - ET Retail

    Ladies, this could be your excuse to wear stilettos to the grocery store!

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