One of Dave and Chuck the Freak’s most popular segments is the “Mug Shot of the Day.”

Sometimes scary, sometimes funny, and always wild.

Check out a baker’s dozen from the last year (because we couldn’t resist that last one!)

  • The Cookie Guy

    This guy broke into a bakery.  The bakery put his surveillance video photo on cookies and handed them out for free…and they caught him!   See his mugshot here!


  • The Shocked Emoji Guy

    Warning: This guy’s crimes are pretty dark-sided. But his mug shot looks like the shocked emoji.  See it here!

  • Tattoos for Eyebrows

    Need we say more? Yep, this guy has tattoos for eyebrows.  He’s wanted for arson and assault.  See what he looks like.

  • 39 Year Old Hooker

    A Florida woman was arrested for soliciting sex for cash from an undercover officer.  She’s only 39 years old, but you won’t believe it when you see her.

  • 4 Handed Mug Shot

    This guy from Virginia needed some help to pose for his mugshot. As in 4 hands holding his head still.  See his wild photo…and decide what’s on his tongue.

  • Family Mug Shot

    The family that gets their mugshots taken together, stays together…in jail.  See this Florida family mugshot here.

  • Curly Sharpie Moustache

    He stole his friend’s wallet and phone and he has a curly handlebar moustache drawn with Sharpie on his face.  See if the photo is as wild as you think it is.

  • Meth Pipe Up the Bum

    Pretty much what it says.  A 22 year-old from Texas was arrested on a warrant and told the police she has a meth pipe on her, but it wasn’t evident. They had to find it…in her bum.  Sadly, there are several years’ worth of her mugshots here.


  • Cartoon Head

    Mr. Potato Head? Max Headroom?  Dumbo?  This guy has the look of some cartoon character.  Check him out and decide for yourself.

  • Florida Man (Literally)

    If you have a tattoo of the state of Florida on your forehead, you win the “Florida Man” title.  See him here.

  • Chronic Masturbator

    Art imitates life…or something like that.  This guy was busted for chronic masturbation and his mugshot looks like he was caught in the act. Ewwww.

  • Drunk Trespasser

    When this Florida woman broke into a home looking for her boyfriend, she was shoeless, wet, smelled of booze, and sounded intoxicated.  Her mug shot makes it look that way, too.

  • Drug-Free T-Shirt Guy

    Quite simply, this guy got busted for drugs, and the t-shirt he wore in his mug shot said “Drug Free.”  His pose is classic.