Recently, we shared Dave & Chuck the Freak’s Top 12 Stories of 2023. Now, it’s time to recap the Top 12 Peep Shows of  2023.


And while we’re in the looking-back frame of mind, a heartfelt thanks to Dave, Chuck, and Lisa for shipping up to Boston back in October for the 2023 edition of the Dave & Chuck the Freak .5K. As always, it was a great hang. And we got the grueling footrace in right before the rain came in. Thanks also to all of you who took the time to come down and hang out. Get your .5K fix here.


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Dave & Chuck the Freak Top 12 Peep Shows of 2023

Why 12 and not, say, 10, you ask? Because I’m Adam 12 and I make lists of 12, that’s why. Recently, I made a list of 12 really good rock albums that you might have missed in 2023. And I followed that up with a list of 12 solid rock and rock-adjacent songs that I really enjoyed in 2023. Now, I’m moving on and making some Dave & Chuck-related lists of 12. So let’s get into it.


These Top 12 Peep Shows are tops because they’re the ones you searched for and reacted to and watched the most, so give yourself a little pat on the back. Whether you’re watching these during the holiday season or in the new year, we hope they’ll bring you a lot of laughs and that you’ll keep waking up weekdays with Dave & Chuck the Freak on ROCK 92.9.

  • 1) James and Chuck Pick Up a Cowboy?

    James and Chucks getting up to antics with the billboard cowboy.

    James and Chuck Pick Up a Cowboy?
  • 2) Telegrams are King?

    Read this in an old-timey newsreel voice: “Telegrams are the king of communication!”

    Telegrams are King?
  • 3) Stuck in an MRI

    Yes, it makes for a funny Peep Show. But this is a literal nightmare scenario for many of us.

    Stuck In A MRI
  • 4) Utah’s Whore Discount

    Nevada doing their part to aid the sexually repressed denizens of Utah.

    Utah’s Whore Discount
  • 5) Does Jason Momoa Have a Tiny Dong?

    I first read that as “dog,” but it’s way funnier when you put the “n” in there.

    Does Jason Momoa Have A Tiny Dong?
  • 6) 44-Pound Turd!

    So large that surgeons had to remove it from the poor poop-filled woman.

    44-Pound Turd!
  • 7) They Don’t Give an Eff!

    Funny but also sad that the people here are so used to situations like this that they’re just unfazed.

    They Don’t Give an Eff!
  • 8) Dave is Captain Planet

    Not gonna lie, I’d pay good money to see Dave all decked out as Captain Planet for Halloweeen.

    Dave is Captain Planet
  • 9) 11 Funniest James Campbell Peep Show Videos

    We’re having an Inception moment here: it’s a Best Of list inside of a Best Of list!

    11 Funniest James Campbell Peep Show Videos
  • 10) Nude Dude on Shrooms

    It’s just a funny phrase to say out loud to begin with: “nude dude on shrooms.”

    Nude Dude on Shrooms
  • 11) Senior Swingers

    Swingers always get the clicks and bring the laughs, and even more so when they’re a bit older.

    Senior Swingers
  • 12) Police Station Sex Scandal

    Kind of surprised this was No. 12 and not No. 1 as it’s so outrageous.

    Police Station Sex Scandal

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