The Best Of Dave from The Dave & Chuck "The Freak" Peep Show!

Oh, Dave. We would be lost without you. There would truly be no show without the man, the myth, the legend. To celebrate Dave and all he does, here are 5 hilarious Dave moments from the Dave & Chuck “The Freak” Peep Show!

We don’t know how he does it. However, somehow nobody lands themselves in more awkward situations and predicaments than Dave. We highlight some of the best of the best below.

Dave & Chuck The Freak Peep Show: 5 Hilarious Dave Moments

Look, if you aren’t subscribed to the Dave & Chuck “The Freak” YouTube account, you’re missing out. Plain and simple. There, you can find all sorts of content from the show and behind the scenes. One of the biggest draws of our YouTube page has to be The Peep Show.

If you aren’t familiar, that’s okay! Hopefully, you’ll be familiar and a fan soon! The Peep Show features video content from the show. It’s like a podcast, but with video. That way, you can watch Dave, Chuck, Lisa, Andy, and the crew have their hilarious conversations and it feels like you’re right there in the room with them! It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Recently, we shared a list of the Best Andy Moments From The Dave & Chuck The Freak Peep Show, and we got some great feedback! You asked for more stuff like that, and we are here to deliver. So, we dropped a Best Of Chuck Peep Show Collection. Now, it’s Dave’s turn. Don’t worry! We’ll get to Lisa, Jason, and Al soon! Make sure to come back to check on that. They’re all on the way.

Below, you’ll find some of Dave’s best moments from The Peep Show. There’ll be videos of awkward situations, catchy jingles, and more! All things we’ve come to learn and expect from the one and only Dave Hunter. Well, our one-and-only Dave Hunter. There is still that guy who wrote the travel book about I-75. Anyways, back to the important Dave!

  • Dave's Other Job Offer

    Can you imagine Dave in any other job? It would definitely be interesting! Well, it could soon become a reality. Dave received an offer from an erotic novelist to record the audio versions of her books and although he considered it, he doesn’t think his wife or the company would approve of him taking it as a side gig. I would buy that audio book!

  • Dave's Got Drugs In His Pockets

    Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about a guy who claimed the drugs in his pockets weren’t his and neither were the pants he was wearing. Dave then plays the song, ‘Drugs in my Pockets’ by The Monks but no one on the show has ever heard that song before. Turns out, the song isn’t bad! Well, at least as bad as Dave’s version of it. Check out BOTH versions above!

  • Dave's Plane Ass Incident

    Somehow, Dave always ends up in the most awkward situations. There’s one common denominator: himself. Dave was involved in an uncomfortable situation on an airplane over the weekend. He accidentally squirted hand sanitizer on a man’s ass that was standing in front of him and wanted to know if he handled the situation correctly.

  • Dave's Patio Furniture Update

    It’s the update we’ve been waiting for! Last year, Dave made a delivery mistake and sent outdoor patio furniture to people in Florida after meeting them one time. He shares an update after finding out the people kept the furniture for themselves and never said anything. Would you have done what Dave did? What would you have done in this situation?

  • Who Won't Stop Texting Dave?

    Technology has come a long way over the years. However, it still has a way to go. Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about an odd problem that Dave is experiencing involving his robot vacuum. It won’t stop texting him saying that it’s stuck, even when it’s not plugged in. Everyone says this is a problem only gadget man Dave would have to deal with.

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