The Best Of Andy!

If you didn’t know, Andy Green is hilarious. Every morning he provides Dave & Chuck The Freak with hilarious comments, impressions, and endless giggles. We are appreciative of that.

However, maybe you aren’t familiar with how funny Andy is and can be. It happens. So, we put together a list of 5 hilarious Andy moments from the Dave & Chuck The Freak Peep Show!

Dave & Chuck The Freak Peep Show: 5 Hilarious Andy Moments

So, if you weren’t aware, you can subscribe to Dave & Chuck The Freak on YouTube! There, you’ll get access to all sorts of exclusive content. Most importantly? That’s where you’ll find the Dave & Chuck The Freak Peep Show! Unfamiliar? The Peep Show is video segments from the show. It’s the same hilarious conversations you hear on air or on the podcast, only with video! Yes, that means you can laugh along with Dave, Chuck The Freak, Lisa, Andy, Jason, and Al as if you’re right there in studio with them!

The Peep Show can be incredibly helpful. Not sure who made that joke? Check out the Peep Show! Not sure who is the one who makes that hilarious voice? Check out the Peep Show! There is no shortage of things you can learn with The Peep Show!

Previously, we’ve highlighted Peep Shows About Sex. We’ve also covered the best Peep Shows From 2023 at the end of the year. Now, we want to put our guy Andy Green in the spotlight. So, we curated some of Andy’s best moments from the Peep Show and put them together for your entertainment and convenience. In these hilarious videos, you’ll learn a lot about Andy. You’ll learn his fears, what he loves, his impressive past, and hear some funny accents and impressions.

Warning: it gets funny. You may need an extra pair of pants handy. Check out 5 hilarious Andy moments from the Peep Show below!

  • Andy Scares Dave

    Andy is known for being funny. It’s why we love him! However, he can also be scary! Check out this video from The Peep Show where Andy scares Dave! Or, is Dave just easily startled?

  • All of Andy's Jobs

    Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about all of the jobs that Andy has worked after a guy in Scotland is suing his parents because they will no longer support him. Andy could have a TV show on all the jobs he’s worked. Move over, Mike Rowe! Andy is here to work! You won’t believe some of the jobs Andy has had to work before. Thankfully, we think he’s found the right job that suits him. No more jobs for you, Andy!

  • Anxious Andy the Millennial Mobster

    Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about how older members of Mafia are upset with the new generation of millennials that aren’t as tough and you get to hear a conversation between the two. Personally, I find the older mobsters to be a bit more intimidating! Although, the millennial mobster is hilarious. Love the banter in this video and the character created. Perfect example of why we love Andy.

  • If Andy Wore Burrito Merch

    Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about Chipotle selling new visor-napkin holders for the people who take too many napkins but want to be fashionable. Then, joke about what it would be like if Andy started wearing Chipotle merch because he likes it so much. I could see it! He’d be like a walking advertisement. Also, it would save a lot of time. “Hey, Andy. Do you like Chipotle?” *points to the shirt*

  • Andy's Top Fears

    Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about a man who was abducted and kidnapped in Cambodia and forced to be a blood slave all while telemarketing to pay his own ransom. That started a conversation about Andy’s fears. Turns out, there’s a long list of them! They all seem to be hilarious. Check out Andy’s list of fears!

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