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The 80s were a time to remember. You had rock gods, Hollywood superstars, and mesmerizing athletes. Here is Chuck The Freak’s list of 8 unlikely 80s icons.

Not every 80s icon was one you’d expect. This group of people are the unsung heroes. Ones that the everyday Joe can relate to.

Chuck The Freak’s List Of 8 Unlikely 80s Icons

Chuck The Freak‘s list is different than most lists featuring 80s icons. Personally, I find it more relatable. There are tons of obvious heroes and icons of the 80s. However, the unlikely 80s icons don’t receive as much love. They deserve recognition.

In this list, we’ll introduce you, or probably re-introduce you, to some of the finest folks the 80s had to offer. You’ll likely remember some of these familiar characters. If not, we’re happy to introduce you to them for the first time!

Now, these individuals are all icons for their own unique reasons. Some, are relatable every day Joe’s who we can see ourselves in. Others, are pure testosterone driven Alpha Males. Then, you’ll find everywhere in between as well.

There are characters from classic movies and cult favorites. Even a couple of singers made the list. It’s funny, the 80s were a vastly different time. Some of the people on the list are still famous today, but they aren’t nearly the same type of person or level they were in the 80s.

The younger generation may see some of these names and be totally confused. “How was that guy an icon?” Well, times were different. Our superstars weren’t the same back then.

You ready to check out the list? Chuck The Freak provided the examples and quotes. Then, I filled in the rest with some commentary on his choices. Can you think of any unlikely 80s icons before we get to the list? Take a second. Think about it. Ready? Let’s get to the list!

  • Saxophone Player From The Lost Boys

    “Part of my inspiration to pick up and play the sax.”

    Remember this guy? He definitely was an 80s icon. The sax? Check. The hair? Check. The muscles? Oh, definitely check. We salute you, Saxophone Guy!

  • Chunk From Goonies

    “Unfortunately, it became my nickname for a while.”

    Chunk The Freak? It does have a ring to it. Chunk was the greatest character in the movie. There’s no debate to it. Even in 2024, the Truffle Shuffle lives on in infamy.

  • Chet From Weird Science

    “Became my model for how to be an older brother. He was the worst older brother ever!”

    Chet was certainly an example of the worst older brother ever. However, he’s also an example of what goes around comes around. He was a jerk and a bully. What happens to bullies? They get turned into a pile of poop. Remember that, kids.

  • John Cusack

    “Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer, Say Anything…all movies that had a major impact on my life.”

    Chuck isn’t alone there! Those were some of the best movies from the decade. Man, Cusack was everywhere back in the 80s! Now, he’s known by the younger generation as the guy from Hot Tub Time Machine. Man, I miss the 80s.

  • Schwarzenegger In Comando


    I was hoping for a little more insight there, Chuck. However, this will do. I mean, really, what more can you say? That movie was amazing. He was amazing in it. Everything about Schwazenegger in Comando was amazing.

  • Doug Masters In Iron Eagle

    “The little-known OTHER airplane movie. I wanted to be a fighter pilot as a kid because of this movie and Top Gun.”

    Well, things don’t always end up going as planned. Seriously, can you picture Chuck as a fighter pilot? That would be amazing. Please make sure there’s a camera in the cockpit. This movie screams 80s!

  • Wolfgang From Explorers

    “River Phoenix as a computer nerd who builds a space ship.”

    Even the description of the movie sounds so 80s. You don’t get movies like that any more. He pulled it off! What a talented family. It’s wild. It wasn’t a success in the box office, but lives as a cult favorite.

  • David Bowie In Labyrinth

    “Mostly for his choice of pants.”

    Those were some tight pants. I mean that in both ways. Bowie was iconic in this role. He was great as Jareth The Goblin King! It lives on as one of the most iconic roles from the 80s. Rest In Peace!

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