WalletHub recently did a study on 2021’s Most Caring Cities in America… and Boston, MA ranked #2 on the list.

In addition to ranking #2 overall, Boston also ranked #1 for caring in the workforce, #8 for caring for the vulnerable, and #9 for caring for the community. More specifically, it ranked #1 as the city with the highest percentage of sheltered homeless persons, #1 for most residents working in community and social services per capita and #3 for most teachers’ care for student’s well-being.

The study compared the 100 largest cities across 39 key indicators of a compassionate spirit, including:

  • Highest % of population doing favors for neighbors
  • Highest % of income donated to charity
  • Most volunteering hours per capita
  • Highest % of workers who carpool
  • Highest % of sheltered homeless persons
  • Lowest child poverty rate
  • Most teachers’ care for students’ well-being
  • Most residents working in community and social services per capita

Madison, WI ranked #1 overall, with Birmingham, AL coming in last at #100. Scroll below for the top 10 most caring cities in America.

  • 1. Madison, Wisconsin

    Photo by: Shutterstock/Sean Pavone

  • 2. Boston, Massachusetts

    Photo by: Shutterstock/Travellaggio

  • 3. New York, New York

    Photo by: Shutterstock/Sean Pavone

  • 4. Virginia Beach, Virginia

    Photo by: Shutterstock/Sherry V Smith

  • 5. Fremont, California

    Photo by: Shutterstock/John Roche

  • 6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Photo by: Shutterstock/Sean Pavone

  • 7. Jersey City, New Jersey

    Photo by: Shutterstock/Darryl Brooks

  • 8. Lincoln, Newbraska

    Photo by: Shutterstock/Mihai_Andritoiu

  • 9. Seattle, Washington

    Photo by: Shutterstock/Sean Pavone

  • 10. Denver, Colorado

    Photo by: Shutterstock/f11photo