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Best School Districts In Massachusetts?

Look, it shouldn’t matter. Massachusetts has long been regarded as one of, if not THE best state in the country when it comes to education public or otherwise. So no matter where you live in the Bay State your kids are likely getting one of the best educations our tax dollars can buy. But it does matter to a lot of parents. We fear that one day our kids due to a lack of education will be taken to the hospital after getting their hand mangled at the mangle factory and use their one good finger to point at us and say with a trembling voice “THIS IS YOUR FAULT! WHY COULDN’T WE HAVE LIVED IN HOPKINTON! INSTEAD WE LIVED IN BELCHERTOWN!!!!” (Nothing against Belchertown, but your name is too funny to not use).

Why Education Matters In Massachusetts

Education obviously is a huge priority for the state of Massachusetts. The best and oldest college in the country, Harvard, was established here. The state is in the top 10 for states that spend the most on education. And even though I’m just a simple Country Radio DJ I still get hurtful texts and phone calls from people because of the one time I used the term “vicariously” incorrectly. So a list of the best school districts in Massachusetts seems like a no-brainer.

My Criteria to find the best school districts

I decided to make the definitive list of the best school districts in Massachusetts. Yes, you can easily find this by going to Niche.com and seeing their rankings. Or going to the yearly US News and World Report listing. But that wasn’t good enough for me. I combined the two lists and their rankings to make a much more accurate list.

My Personal Opinion on sending my kids to one of the best school districts in Massachusetts

Education is very important to me. I took mine for granted and while I love my life and feel I am near the ceiling of my success I also know that if I had taken my education more seriously I would have been able to shatter that ceiling like Willy Wonka and the Great Glass Elevator. What I’m trying to tell you with that analogy is that I read at a 4th grade level, and I want better for my kids. That’s why we live in Lexington, even though I can barely afford it. Where does Lexington rank on the list of Best School Districts In Massachusetts, and is it worth it? READ ON TO FIND OUT!

  • 11. The Public Schools of Brookline

    The Public Schools of Brookline

    USNWR Score: 214.5
    Niche Score: 100
    Combined: 314.5

  • 10. Newton School District


    US News And World Report Score: 221.9
    Niche Score: 98
    Combined: 319.9

  • 09. Winchester


    US News And World Report Score: 225.6
    Niche Score: 97
    Combined: 322.6
    Rank: 9

  • 08. Wayland


    US News And World Report Score: 224.8
    Niche Score: 98
    Combined: 322.8
    Rank: 8

  • 07. Belmont


    US News And World Report Score: 242.9
    Niche Score: 98
    Combined: 340.9
    Rank: 7

  • 06. Weston


    US News And World Report Score: 242.5
    Niche Score: 100
    Combined: 342.5
    Rank: 6

  • 05. Hopkinton


    US News And World Report Score: 243.6
    Niche Score: 100
    Combined: 343.6
    Rank: 5

  • 04. Wellesley Public Schools

    Wellesley Public Schools

    US News And World Report Score: 245.6
    Niche Score: 99
    Combined: 344.6
    Rank: 4

  • 03. Lexington


    US News And World Report Score: 252.6
    Niche Score: 97
    Combined: 349.6
    Rank: 3

  • 02. Harvard


    US News And World Report Score: 261
    Niche Score: 96
    Combined: 357
    Rank: 2

  • 01. Dover-Sherborn


    US News And World Report Score: 263.2
    Niche Score: 99
    Combined: 362.2
    Rank: 1

  • Jonathan Wier


    Jonathan Wier grew up in St. Louis where he was obsessed with the voices that came out of the radio. He would listen for hours wondering what that person on the other side would say next.

    After failing to find happiness in playing music or manual labor he decided to go to college for radio at WLCA in Godfrey Illinois. He then started working at 97.1 KFTK in St. Louis as a producer and on-air talent.

    From there he has hosted shows in Gainesville Florida (News Talk WSKY 2011-2012), Kansas City (News Talk KMBZ 2012-2019) and now makes his home at Country 102.5 in Boston.

    He lives in Lexington with his wife and two sons. When he’s not at work you can find him watching football, playing music with his kids or trying his best to make his wife not regret marrying a radio guy.

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