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From taking my teen to their very first rock show to getting roasted by Swifties on Twitter, 2021 had its moments. Here’s a dozen of my favorites.


  • 1. You can't go wrong taking your kid to see Green Day at Fenway

    I Took My 12-year-old Daughter to Fenway Park to See Her Favorite Band and It Ruled
  • 2. You CAN go wrong talking smack about Taylor Swift's SNL performance on Twitter

    I Learned The Hard Way: Don’t Mess With Taylor Swift Fans
  • 3. Hey, I celebrated 25 years on the radio in 2021!

    Let’s Listen to a Clip From Adam 12’s Very First Radio Show, 25 Years Ago
  • 4. There's always that one guy at the punk show that goes too hard

    Watch a Pipe Burst On Stage at the Middle East in Cambridge
  • 5. Looking back 30 years to 1991, a pivotal year in rock

    The Top 9 of 1991
  • 6. I got to interview Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots!

    Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots Talks Trip The Witch, ‘Core’ and More with Adam 12
  • 7. Dodging the Stephen Colbert bullet

    Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun at D&CtF
  • 8. My all-time favorite album turned 25

    My All-Time Favorite Album Turns 25 Today (You’ll Never Guess What It Is)
  • 9. Another one of my all-time favorite albums turned 25

    The Most Underrated Rock Album of the ’90s Turns 25
  • 10. CD hunting

    12 Classic CDs Adam 12 Scored at the Antique Shop
  • 11. The Red Sox Boston Marathon unis, lol

    These New Red Sox Uniforms Sure Don’t Look Like Red Sox Uniforms
  • 12. My Top 12 12's

    Adam 12’s Top 12 12s: Number 1