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We hope it’s an out-of-this-world Tom DeLonge birthday this year! And no, that’s not a joke about Tom’s extraterrestrial beliefs. We’re believers, too.


I wasn’t cool enough to have heard Blink-182‘s Cheshire Cat debut album when it dropped in 1995. But I was at beloved Boston alternative station WFNX in 1997 when the band signed to MCA Records and released their first major-label single, “Dammit.” Back then, I was an intern for FNX Music Director Laurie Gail in the Music Department.


The cool thing about FNX was that interns didn’t just fetch coffee and make copies. We got to have a say in some of the programming. Back in those days, we had a nightly “Cage Match”-style music feature where two new songs would go up against each other. Whichever song received more votes would move on to the next night’s match.


If a song won 10 nights in a row, it was automatically added to the FNX playlist. That’s exactly what happened with “Dammit.” No surprise there; it’s one of those songs that, the first time you hear it, it throws you right across the room. Some pop punk hits, and some pop punk misses. Blink-182 put themselves in the first camp right off the bat.


A Tom DeLonge Birthday Six-Pack

So naturally, I’m leading my six-song set with that gem. It’s still, to this day, one of my favorite Blink jams. Seeing them throw it down that summer at the Warped Tour stop at Three County Fairgrounds out in Northampton was a trip. Or maybe it was the summer of ’98? All those summer Warped Tour memories are so fuzzy now.


In any event, Happy Birthday, Tom. I cracked a six-pack for his drummer recently, too. Check that out here. And scroll on for six Tom songs that I like and I hope you like, too.

  • Blink-182 "Dammit"

    This one, without fail, takes me back to 1997 every time I hear it. Simpler times, as they say.

  • Blink-182 "Dumpweed"

    Back in the day, it was a badge of honor–not a mark of shame–if you recognized the model on the cover of this Blink album.

  • Blink-182 "First Date"

    The music video that, a generation later, would launch a meme. And it’s not the only one. Blink-182 visuals have become meme fodder for a whole new generation.

  • Box Car Racer "There Is"

    True Tom heads got behind his Box Car Racer side project and bought the damn album. I sure did.

  • Blink-182 "Feeling This"

    The leadoff cut from the last album before the 2005 hiatus. High-energy Blink right here.

  • Angels & Airwaves "The Adventure"

    I remember playing this cut from Angels & Airwaves back in the day when I hosted middays on WBCN.

  • Blink-182 "Edging"

    Cracking a seventh cold one because it’s not like Blink would ever stop at six. And besides, I love this one from the new reunion album.

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