Wicked Fall Guide

Wicked Fall Guide

Wicked Fall Guide

These ones are so easy, ANYONE can do them. Some involves carving knives, but many don't.

I’ve never been good at carving pumpkins, but I definitely like decorating them!  I am always searching the internet for fun DIY project ideas that won’t leave too much of a mess, or leave me bloodied from a carking knife. That’s why I thought these ideas would be good for your family, too!

My Fall Pumpkin Traditions

I was driving with my mother in New Hampshire and we passed a church in Portsmouth that had hundreds of pumpkins in the parking lot. Every fall my mom lets my sister and I pick out a pumpkin to bring back to the house. Yes, I know we are in our 30’s, but it’s been a cute tradition for many years and somehow it still continues today.

When I do finally pick out my pumpkin, I usually carve it as simply as possible. I don’t own any pumpkin carking tools, so I use whatever good knife I have in my drawer and I create my masterpiece from there.

Truthfully, my favorite part is scooping out the seeds and squishing my fingers in the slime. I take out all of the seeds, wash them in a strainer and lay them down on a baking sheet. I spray some coconut oil on them, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and bake them in the oven until they’re golden brown. Then I eat them by the handful until they’re gone. (Recipe here).

Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin being hollowed out to make a Jack o' lantern.

Baking the pumpkin seeds is my favorite part about the carving process. There’s something so tasty about them!

Pumpkin Fun With Your Family

There’s something genuinely heartwarming about sitting around with loved ones, sharing laughter and creativity. Decorating pumpkins is not just about the end product but about the journey, the shared moments, and the stories that unfold.

The best part? There’s no right or wrong. Whether your pumpkin turns out to be a spooky masterpiece or a glittery splendor, the memories you make in the process are the true treasures. So, gather your family, a couple of pumpkins, and let the decorating games begin!

And guess what? It doesn’t have to be tricky or spooky! I’ve gathered some easy DIY pumpkin decorating ideas for you and your family to try out.

7 DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas:

  • The Classic (And Easy) Carve Job

    This is the style that I still do today. In fact, it might be the only way I know how to carve a pumpkin because you don’t need a ton of tools to cut the triangles and mouth. You just need one knife. This is a classic and traditional carved pumpkin look!

  • Put The Knife Down And Use A Power Drill!

    The days of using a knife are OVER. Just get a power grill, and use a few different-sized drill bits to create your masterpiece. And definitely put a candle in there afterwards because it will look like a disco ball! Parents- you can even drill your kids’ names and they’ll think it’s SO cool.

  • Look At That Smoke Show In Your Neighborhood

    This pumpkin calls for dry ice to give it the totally spooky feel. But of course, it will look just as scary if you don’t use it! If you decide to use dry ice, make sure you have adult supervision and use a pair of tongs with gloves. Dry ice should never touch your skin.

  • Velvet Pumpkins Look So Regal

    If you feel like going with a medieval vibe, or if you are a little more fancy, velvet-covered pumpkins seem like a good fit for your family. It doesn’t seem difficult to do either! And it will have your neighbors saying, “Wow, look what you’ve done to the place!”

  • Paint Your Pumpkins - No Knife Needed

    If you have kids, painting pumpkins is definitely the safest options. There are no knives, drill bits, or dry ice involved. Just kid-friendly paint. This is a good opportunity to see how creative your kids are and teach them about mixing colors. Just don’t put the pumpkins in the rain or you’ll have to explain why the paint washed away.

  • Have Fabric At The House? Use It!

    Maybe you are a sewer like me and you have a LOT of fabric at the house. This would be a perfect time to use it. If you don’t have some at the house, you can find cheap fabric in the remnant section of Joann’s Fabric or Hobby Lobby, and pre-cut yards at Wal-Mart. Wherever you find it, this is a fun project if you don’t want to use a knife.

  • This Will Be Easy AND Smell Great

    Clover is usually used as a spice in apple cider, but in this case you can just put it right into the face of the pumpkin. That means your pumpkin will make your home smell like a spiced apple cider donut. Yummy, I can picture it already!

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