Five videos about sex from the Dave And Chuck The Freak Peep Show!

On Dave And Chuck The Freak, we talk about all sorts of content. We’ll talk trending stories, celebrity news, idiot criminals, and more. Something that seems to come up every day in one way or another? Sex. Here are 7 Dave and Chuck The Freak Peep Show videos about sex!

We’ve curated some of the funniest Peep Show videos of the gang discussing sex, or some sort of sex related topic. Of course, they’re all hilarious.

5 Dave And Chuck The Freak Peep Show Videos About Sex

Note, these conversations about sex aren’t your typical sex talks. It’s all done in typical Dave And Chuck The Freak fashion. In these videos, you’ll be able to watch Dave And Chuck The Freak talk about wild sex stories, talk to sex workers, talk about toys, share some secrets, and more!

Hopefully, these hilarious videos will not only entertain you, but you might learn something, as well! If there’s any topic to familiarize yourself with, this could be the one. You don’t want to fall behind on the latest trends and happenings in the world of sex. It might not help your reputation.

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Here we go! Check out 7 Dave And Chuck The Freak Peep Show videos about sex below!

  • Chuck's Sex Secrets

    Dave & Chuck the Freak received an e-mail from some college roommates who are trying to figure out the best way to discreetly alert one another that there is a girl over and Chuck shares what him and his radio buddies used to do. He shares his secrets! Take notes. Check it out!

  • Russian Sex Toy Test

    Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about a Russian woman who was caught on CCTV testing out a sex toy in a sex shop. You can’t do that! Not in Russia. Not in America. That’s illegal just about everywhere. Watch the video!

  • Buying Used Sexy Stuff

    Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about a stripper who is selling her used, smelly items online and ask listeners to call-in and share stories about the used sexual item they have purchased from someone. This is unbelievable. Laughs guaranteed on this one. Watch the above video!

  • Ladies Sexual Fantasies Revealed

    Dave & Chuck the Freak ask female listeners to call-in and share the craziest sexual fantasies they have but haven’t been able to fulfill. Fellas–take notes! These could be happening to you! Of course, if you’re into that kind of stuff. Check out some of the examples!

  • Tammy The Adult Store Manager

    Dave & Chuck The Freak talk to Tammy The Adult Store Manager. She shares all sorts of insights from the business. Turns out, it’s just as wild and crazy as we imagined! Check out what she has to say above. Boy, it’s a lot!

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