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Father’s Day is just around the corner and we’re celebrating with a list of the 5 greatest TV dads of all-time! Who’s your favorite?

Over the decades and generations there have been countless awesome TV dads. Sometimes they can become like father figures to us as we spend countless hours watching their shows. Their life lessons tend to stick with us. We put together a list of the 5 greatest TV dads of all-time. Did your favorite make the list?

Celebrating Father’s Day With 5 Of The Greatest TV Dads

Our favorite television shows hold a special place in our hearts. When you’re a fan of your show it can feel like the characters are your own friends and family after a while. You develop a special bond with them and can relate to them in unique ways. Sometimes, TV moms and TV dads can feel like our own parents. We can see bits of our own dad in that character or a certain character can have traits that our own mother has. It provides an interesting viewing experience.

Of course, when making a list of the 5 greatest TV dads of all-time you’re leaving a lot out! How can you only pick 5 when there are so many great examples out there? It was not an easy task. Certainly, some of your favorites were left off the list–some of mine were too! However, I stand by the list and feel like they represent some of the best dads we’ve been shown on TV.

What goes into a TV dad being memorable? It could be their sense of humor. Dads are known for their humor (hence Dad Jokes) and on TV it’s rarely any different. TV dads can also remind us of our own father growing up. Perhaps they could be the dad we wished we had! For some people that’s actually the case.

Ready to get to the list? Here are 5 of the greatest TV dads of all-time! Did we miss your favorite? Let us know who else should have been included on this list!

  • Red Forman

    Personally, Red Forman is my favorite TV dad of all-time. He takes the top spot. Honestly, if I made a list of the best TV moms of all-time I’d expect Kitty Forman to also top that list. That 70s Show was always so funny–and a lot of the humor came from the parents. Red was the stereotypical Dad. You didn’t want to cross Red! At the same time he had a soft spot underneath that hard exterior. I loved how he was always threatening to shove a foot up one of their asses if they misbehaved. Classic Red.

  • Danny Tanner

    Danny Tanner from Full House has to be included on the list of the best TV dads of all-time. He was TV’s dad for years. He was such a great character that people were surprised to find out that Bob Saget wasn’t exactly like that in real life. It was a strange juxtaposition, but it worked! Tanner was always so relatable and reminded so many people of their own dads. Definitely one of the best of all-time even though I’m not a big fan of the show.

  • Phil Dunphy

    C’mon! How could Phil not make the list? Everybody would love a dad like Phil Dunphy. He’s goofy, supportive, and always fun to be around. He’s a great guy and a great dad–you don’t always get both! Modern Family has so many great dads to choose from, but I’ll always love Phil the most.

  • Al Bundy

    Our second favorite Al B around here at Dave & Chuck The Freak. We love Al Bundy but we aren’t putting him above our beloved Al Beck. Al Bundy simply has to be included on the list of greatest TV dads. He’s the best and worst of all of us. There was always something authentic and genuine about him. I like many of us could see traces of our own fathers in him at one point or another.

  • Frank Costanza

    Many characters could have taken this final spot. I thought about throwing Peter Griffin on the list, Randy Marsh, Dan Conner, Archie Bunker, Michael Kyle, and more all deserved spots on this list. However, I just couldn’t leave Frank Costanza off the list. He has to be one of the greatest TV dads of all-time! He’s so funny! His relationship with his son George is one of a kind and such a strange but hilarious take on the father-son relationship. Serenity Now!