5 Food Delivery Horror Stories Heard On Dave & Chuck The Freak (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Look, we’ve all been there. It’s been a long day and the last thing you want to do is cook a meal. So, we turn to a delivery service. Or, at least we used to. We might not do that anymore after hearing about these stories. Here are 5 food delivery horror stories heard on Dave & Chuck The Freak.

After hearing these stories, you might be tempted to start cooking more at home. You never know what people might do with your food!

5 Food Delivery Horror Stories Heard On Dave & Chuck The Freak

Trusting a stranger to do anything can be a tough ask. I won’t let a stranger watch my dog. That’s something I know I need to trust you with before asking you to do. Actually, I won’t even ask many of my friends to do a task like that. Additionally, asking a stranger to house sit can be a dangerous ask. Now, I’m supposed to trust them with my food? In their own vehicle? That’s tough.

A lot can go wrong with a stranger picking up your food and handling it. First, they could obviously eat your food. A 10 piece nugget can very quickly turn into a 9 piece. Maybe they won’t take a full nugget. They could just steal one fry. Hey, you’ll never notice. They could also take a sip of your beverage.

However, consuming your food isn’t the only bad thing they can do. They can spit on it. They can put their hands in it. There are no shortage of the weird things they could do to it. Sure, companies have started taking measures to prevent stuff like this happening. They’ll staple or tape your bag shut. There’s no a protective film over beverage cups. However, it doesn’t seem to be enough. Drivers are still out there doing stuff–and getting caught doing it.

Here are 5 examples of food delivery horror stories as heard on Dave & Chuck The Freak!

  • Guy Finds Poop In His Delivery Order

    There are many things you can find in your delivery order. The last thing you want to find? Probably poop. Well, it happened. I can’t imagine the horror at realizing that. Certainly, I would never order from a food delivery service again. That would be it for me.


  • Delivery Driver Gets Held Hostage After Delivering Cold Kabab

    Personally, when I order a kabab I want it to be hot. Turns out, I’m not alone. A delivery driver was held hostage after delivering a cold kabab to a customer! Now, I’ve never taken it that far. However, I do understand the frustration. Where were you? Why isn’t this hot? I’d have so many questions. However, I would still eat it. I can microwave it myself. It’s not worth going to jail over.


  • DoorDash Driver Busted Eating Customer's Cookies

    We talked about this earlier. One of the risks you take asking someone else to deliver your food is they could end up eating some of it. Sometimes, they’ll get away with it. There’s no way to tell it was them who ate it. Maybe the restaurant just forgot to give it to you? However, there are times where the evidence is right there. Right on the delivery driver’s face. That’s what happened here. Watch as she hilariously busts him for it.


  • A DoorDasher Jumped To Conclusions And Left An Angry Note In A Customer's Bag

    Well, this is embarrassing. I’ve got second hand embarrassment from this. Definitely major cringe. This delivery driver assumed she wasn’t going to receive a tip and left a nasty note for the customer. However, she failed to consider the possibility of a cash tip. Well, by the time she realized that it was too late. Watch the humiliating video below!


  • Herd Of Cows Chase DoorDash Driver

    Now, this story is different. Turns out, not every delivery horror story is scary for the customer. Sometimes, it can be scary for the driver! They could meet a strange customer. They could get mugged for their money or food. Or, they could be chased by a gang of cows. That’s something straight out of a horror movie. Well, it happened!


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