5 crazy car chases caught on camera! (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

There’s something about a car chase that makes you stop what you’re doing to take a second and watch. This obsession probably started with O.J. Simpson and the famous White Bronco. However, that’s far from the only car chase to make the news. Here are 5 crazy car chases that were caught on camera.

I don’t know what it is that make police car chases so exciting to watch. Perhaps it’s the possibility that they’ll getaway, or maybe we’re just waiting for something awful to happen or some sort of wreck. One of those is more common than the other.

5 Crazy Car Chases Caught On Camera

It seems like every day there’s some sort of wild car chase on the news. They happen all across the country, and all around the world all the time. Hopefully, you’re not on the road when it happens. Certainly, they’re much more exciting to watch on your television from the comfort of your own home than to see the car go flying by you at 100 miles per hour. Sometimes, innocent bystanders and fellow cars on the road turn into victims or are impacted by the car chase in some way. They’re running from the cops and are sure to already be in a lot of trouble, they don’t care about damaging your car during the incident at all.

The internet is full of these car chase videos. They’re entertaining and news stations know it. Sometimes, the videos are captured by news crews in cars, other times the video is captured on camera by a helicopter, and sometimes it’s captured by a civilian on the scene. Thanks to social media, everyone is a journalist these days. Hopefully, you can hear the sarcasm in my voice when I write that. Pros and cons to that.

Back on June 17th of 1994, the entire country seemingly rushed to the nearest TV to watch O.J. Simpson evade police. The country watched as Simpson and a friend led police on a chase that lasted roughly 2-hours as they went from Orange County to Brentwood, per the Los Angeles Times. Now, 30 years later, it is still synonymous with car chases.

I spent some time going through YouTube to find some of the best police car chases that have been caught on camera. These are definitely some of the best available. There’s something about them where you just can’t look away. Check them out below! Stay safe on the roads, friends!

Crazy Car Chases Caught On Camera

  • Police Chase After GameStop Robbery

    Clearly, there was no stopping this person. A Chevy Camera leads police on a crazy chase in this video. It all happened after a robbery at a GameStop in Houston, Texas. Commenters on the video point out that at least he used his turn signals during the chase. Most don’t choose to do that. I’m sure it was appreciated by all parties involved.

  • SoCal Stolen Van Car Chase

    This video is definitely crazy! It currently has more than 42 million views on YouTube. In the video, a man leads authorities on a dangerous car chase after he stole a truck. He hits several other vehicles on the road during the chase. I certainly would not want to share the road with this person. It’s dangerous out there.

  • Wild Car Chase With 3 Grand Theft Auto Suspects

    This chase was all over the place. It starts on the road, but ends in a neighborhood with residents fearing for their safety. It happened in Santa Clarita, California. The video has more than 37 million views on YouTube. This chase gets wild and aggressive!

  • High-Speed Pursuit Ends In Overturned Vehicle

    During O.J. Simpson’s famous car chase, they weren’t going at ridiculous speeds. This case is a bit different. This high-speed chase through Los Angeles ended when the vehicle slammed into a power pole and flipped over! This is definitely a must-see car chase. Check it out above!

  • Truck Flips During Car Chase

    Another car chase with an unfortunate ending for the driver. Starting to notice these never seem to go well for the driver or the person trying to get away. Has this move ever worked? I’m not sure if it’s ever been accomplished outside of a Fast & Furious movie. This Oklahoma car chase ends when the truck flips over!

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