Here's a list of celebrities who have definitely gone under the knife! (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Hollywood is full of…very unique people. They live a life I don’t understand, nor do I have any interest in gaining a better understanding. However, on Dave & Chuck “The Freak,” we will still talk about Celebrity News. Typically, that news is different from what you’ll hear on the E! network. We prefer to poke fun at celebrities for all the things they do. For example, here are 5 celebrities who have obviously had plastic surgery.

We all want to look better. Well, except Chuck. He’s already as good looking as you can get. Unfortunately, these celebrities lack Chuck’s confidence. They definitely got plastic surgery to try to fix something, and it’s definitely clear to the naked eye.

5 Celebrities Who Have Obviously Had Plastic Surgery

Sometimes, a procedure may be necessary to improve health or to have a better standard of living. However, these examples don’t fall under that umbrella. I struggle to think of a time where a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) could save your life.

In Hollywood, there’s a pressure to stay beautiful and to look young. You know where else that’s a thing? Literally everywhere. Who doesn’t want to look better and appear young? Nobody wants to look older! Well, except for teens trying to get into a bar, or something. However, what we don’t all do is make drastic (and permanent) changes to ourselves in an effort to continue looking good. Instead, we the people turn to dieting and exercise. You know, things that are actually good for you!

Now, sometimes these procedures can be totally normal and fine. We’re not teasing anyone who has had plastic surgery or any sort of cosmetic procedure. A little Botox can go a long way! No, we’re focusing on the celebs who went way beyond what’s necessary. Like, these celebs could be featured on an episode of “Botched.”

What’s weird is when celebrities try to pretend or claim they didn’t have any plastic surgery, when it’s clearly obvious. Not only is it clear just by looking at them, but do they know the internet exists? We can see photos of you from last week, last year, 10 years ago, and more. You can’t hide from your past! Not with the internet the way it is.

Here are 5 celebs who have definitely gone under the knife (even if they claim they didn’t).

  • Khloé Kardashian

    Honestly, this whole list could have been members of that family. However, one stands above the rest. There was a while where every picture of her looked like a different person! She admitted to having “one nose job,” according to Us Magazine. Is the rest filters? More work? My eyes playing tricks on me? Who knows?

  • Janice Dickinson

    For a while, Janice Dickinson was the face of Celebrity Plastic Surgery. Many people can remember how difficult she was to deal with during her appearance on the show “Botched.” According to the US Sun, she’s admitted to having a boob job, face lift, tummy tuck, neck lift, and more. She’s been through a lot and I hope she’s able to come out on top!

  • Chrissy Teigen

    Chrissy Teigen has not been shy about the work she’s had done. In fact, it’s more like the opposite. She has been way too outgoing and open with all of it. She’s shared it all publicly, which I can appreciate because so many celebs deny ever having it when it’s clearly obvious. She’s admitted to having fat sucked out of her armpit, several boob jobs, and buccal fat removal. The buccal fat removal is a big trend recently that I can’t wrap my head around.

  • Courteney Cox

    Courteney Cox was looking very different than the Friend we knew. Turns out, this wasn’t some secret either. She knew it, and later acknowledged regret saying it was a waste of time. Her soft features were turned rigid and stiff from the procedures, and she looked very different. You could really see it in her cheeks.

  • Mickey Rourke

    Women aren’t the only ones who get plastic surgery! Plenty of male celebrities have, as well. Simon Cowell has had work done, per Hello Magazine. However, the first example that comes to mind is Mickey Rourke. He was so handsome! Now, very different. Again, he looks like a totally different person than what we were familiar with in his movies.

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