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Now that we’re well into the new year, new trends have emerged. So let’s take a look at a short list of 2024 slang words and pass judgement.


I’m no linguist, nor am I versed in etymology. But I have a passion for language: I talk on the radio for a living, after all. And I’ve written extensively about slang. I’m a Gen Xer, so I started with a deep dive into Gen X words. Next, I moved onto the Millennial slang that everyone seems to be using nowadays. And of course, I had to do right by my roots and write about Boston slang terms.


I’m also the parent of a 15-year-old and an 18-year-old. My oldest is perpetually online, and my youngest has a pretty diverse friend group, so there’s always a steady influx of new slang words and terms pouring out of their mouths and into my ears. Naturally, I’m curious about where all this language is coming from. So I did a little bit of digging.


2024 Slang Words: Which Ones to Know, Which Ones to Skip

I didn’t have to dig far before I came across Dictionary.com’s piece on slang trends for 2024. It has a handful of terms I’ve heard, a few I haven’t yet, and even some that I’ve used myself. They’re pretty thorough, too, giving you the definition of each term, as well as its etymology. They are Dictionary.com, after all. I’d expect nothing less.


What I’d like to do is offer my own take on each of the terms they claim are trending in 2024. I’ll tell you which ones you’ll likely end up using (like it or not) and the ones that will eventually fall by the wayside. Your current day versions of “rad,” if you will. What’s that? You still use “rad?” That’s OK; so do I.

  • Enshittification

    Definition: The gradual degradation of an online platform.

    Should you use it? Absolutely. Elon Musk has only begun the enshitiffication of Twitte, er, excuse me, X. We’re going to be talking about his abject failures both running and posting on the site as the year plays out, so keep this one handy.

  • Babygirl

    Definition: A term of endearment used for attractive older celebrities that are seen as cute or sensitive.

    Should you use it? This is a tough one, as it’s a redefinition of an older slang term. “Babygirl” to a Gen Xer or older would be a term of endearment used by a male for a female. Now, it’s been turned on its head. Best to avoid the confusion and avoid this one.

  • Skibidi

    Definition: A nonsense word with no specific definition or meaning.

    Should you use it? Why the hell not? Hell, this isn’t anything new. Steven Tyler used this one at the end of “Rag Doll” back in ’89.

  • Ice Cream So Good

    Definition: A catchphrase used by NPC streamer PinkyDoll meaning “thank you.”

    Should you use it? I dunno. Do you want to associate yourself and your slang with this?

  • Millennial Pause

    Definition: The short delay between hitting “record” and speaking on a video.

    Should you use it? I’m not a fan. Of the act or of the term that describes it. Get your shit together if you’re going to post a video online.

  • Gyatt

    Definition: An expression of surprise or excitement.

    Should you use it? You might be already. Say “God damn!” Now, put a cartoon-like southern drawl on it. “Gyatt Dayum!” See?

  • Let Them Cook

    Definition: Allowing someone do do the thing they’re good at, without restrictions.

    Should you use it? Regarding the usage of the modern slang term “let them cook?” I say let them cook.

  • LFG

    Definition: An abbreviation for “let’s fucking go!”

    Should you use it? This one’s been around for years. It’s just hugely popular now. So maybe you should stop using it. Because if it’s that mainstream, you know it ain’t cool anymore.

  • Tush Push

    Definition: A football play where the quarterback receives the ball and is propelled forward by their teammates.

    Should you use it? Are you a member of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles? No? Then you probably shouldn’t.

  • Delulu

    Definition: An abbreviation for “delusional.”

    Should you use it? This one’s fun. Go for it. Because the person you’re likely referring to as “delulu” likely won’t understand what you’re saying.

  • Stenographer

    Definition: A journalist who uncritically repeats the words of individuals in power.

    Should you use it? Yes. Shame the hell out of these journos who refuse to speak truth to power. We need more reporters like Muntazer al-Zaidi.

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