During a snowstorm, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014, Troy Welty shovels snow in his shorts in front of Mathew's Gallery where he works in Wichita, Kansas. "I wear shorts year-round," he said. (Mike Hutmacher/Wichita Eagle/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

What is a Masshole? First off, it is someone from Massachusetts. Now, let’s be clear here. Just because you’re from Massachusetts doesn’t mean you’re automatically a “Masshole.” We take a lot of pride in becoming “Massholes.” There are several ways to become a “Masshole.” In this post, we will take a look at several of them. And just know, you are NOT technically one until you’ve done at least half of these 19 things.

Let’s take a look at what the exact definition of a Masshole is. Depending on who you ask, it could be a term of endearment. Many say it refers to bad driving. Certain Masshole moves drivers may make is, not using a blinker, cutting people off and then flipping THEM off as if they did something wrong and “pulling a U-ey” which is described as making an illegal U-turn. How many of these things have you done?

Regardless of your definition, it seems we all have horrible reputations. People from other New England states will say that when they see anyone driving with a Massachusetts license plate, they’ll take extra care because they know there’s potential for a “Masshole” to be driving. That’s not necessarily fair, however, it seems as if most “Massholes” take a lot of pride in being labeled that. It’s more so a term of endearment, one that is almost insulting if it’s not labeled on you. Either way, we’ve asked thousands of people what their opinions are on “Massholes” and have determined that if you haven’t done at least half of these 19 things, you are most definitely NOT a “Masshole.” So take notes and if you can’t check these off your list, you better start. Because with being a “Masshole” comes great responsibility. Enjoy, fellow “Massholes” and if you don’t consider yourself one, you better step up your game!

  • "Had a complete meltdown on 93 during rush hour traffic"

    Traffic in Boston, specifically on 93, is a crap shoot. You never know when it starts. So expect there to be bumper to bumper traffic at all hours of every day.

    Report: Boston traffic is the fourth worst in the world. The WORLD.

    The average Boston driver lost 134 hours - more than five days - to traffic last year, according to a new report. Read more on Boston.com.

  • "Walk to Dunkin' in dead winter for an iced coffee"

    Massholes love our Dunkin, especially in the winter. It could be negative 10 degrees, but we’ll still be drinking iced coffee.

    The Cold Hard Facts Around Iced Coffee in the Winter

    Do you drink iced coffee in the winter? While some may shiver at the thought of sipping an icy cold beverage during chilly temperatures, Dunkin' Donuts is seeing a growing trend around the popularity of iced coffee no matter how low the temperature...

  • "Wearing a nice warm hoodie with a pair of shorts...probably in the winter"

    Massholes will wear a hoodie and shorts in the winter. It usually happens when we reach a 35 degree day after it’s been super cold. It’s our way of saying, it’s getting warmer out so let’s wear our shorts to bring a faster spring.

  • "Driving past a Dunkin' to go to your favorite Dunkin'

    Yup, we love our Dunkin’. But many of us have a favorite one. Maybe the employees get your coffee right each time. Maybe the wait is super short. Maybe you love seeing the other regulars.

    New England's love for Dunkin' Donuts flows deeper than Seattle's love for Starbucks

    Even though the hometown coffee giant is popular in the U.S. - and particularly in Seattle - data show that New Englanders are more hooked on their local chain than we are on Starbucks.

  • "Getting road rage behind someone at Market Basket"

    Yes, Massholes are always in a rush. Especially when grocery shopping. If you’re not walking with a purpose, GET OUT OF OUR WAY.

    Boston.com readers don't just love this supermarket, they're IN love with it

    Not only was Tewksbury-based Market Basket the winner, it elicited responses that went beyond mere admiration. Read more at Boston.com.

  • "Gotten into a fight with someone defending Tom Brady"

    You can NOT speak anything negative about the GOAT. Tom Brady is a God around here. Say anything bad, you’ll have to pay. Oh, and don’t even mention “deflategate.”

  • "Cursed someone out for only doing 5-10 MPH over the speed limit"

    Don’t ever drive the speed limit. But if you do, you better NOT be in the fast lane!

  • "Sing Sweet Caroline at the top of your lungs, specifically at Fenway Park"

    Not really sure how this came to be, but Sweet Caroline has become a staple to sing at Fenway Park.

    How 'Sweet Caroline' became a Fenway hit

    For Red Sox fans, good times never seem so good as when Neil Diamond's recording of "Sweet Caroline" is belting out of the Fenway Park sound system just prior to the bottom of the eighth inning of every home game. The fans turn it into their own singalong and manage

  • "Brake checked a person who cut you off"

    You are not a true Masshole until you’ve brake checked someone who is either riding your ass on the highway or who cut you off.

    Being Tailgated? Don't Do This While Driving in Massachusetts.

    Don't brake check if you're being tailgated in Massachusetts. Brake checking is considered reckless driving and you could make things worse for yourself and others.

  • "Gone to a Red Sox Yankees game and flipped off every Yankee who came to bat"

    Regardless of how well or badly the teams are doing, the Red Sox Yankees rivalry will always be alive and well in Massachusetts.

    Has Yankees-Red Sox rivalry mellowed? 'I'm not sure how much we carry that baggage'

    While the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry has long been the most passionate in baseball, the fiery disdain of 20 years ago has given way to mutual respect, if not ambivalence. But why?

  • "Said you’re welcome when you hold the door for someone and they don’t say thank you."

    It’s just common courtesy. If I hold the door for you, SAY THANK YOU! If not, you’ll hear me.

    Is it rude to say "you're welcome" to someone if they didn't say thank you but, they should have?

    Answer (1 of 45): There is a bit of a difference between 'rude' and 'sarcastic'. Neither one of them are particularly nice or necessary. Like many people, it bothers me when I go out of the way to help someone and then they just blow it off.

  • "Drinking a dunks ice coffee in a blizzard wearing just a pats hoodie gloves smoking a Newport with a redsox."

    Not sure this one really needs an explanation.

    For some New Englanders, 'iced coffee is a way of life' - even in the dead of winter - The Boston Globe

    Don't come between these residents and their chilled beverages - no matter the weather.

  • "Thrown things at a car during a road rage incident"

    Many of us have road rage. It’s a bad thing. But many of us have taken it to the extreme by throwing objects at other cars.

    Penalties for Road rage in Massachusetts

    To mitigate the damage Call (508) 455-4755 - DelSignore Law aggressively represents the accused against charges in Criminal & Crime cases. Penalties for Road rage in Massachusetts - Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer

  • "Moved to Florida and then moved back to Mass"

    People always think the grass is greener. Sure it’s warmer in Florida, but they don’t have as many Dunkin’, Fenway, the Tobin or the Charles River.

    Here's what our readers think about people leaving Massachusetts - The Boston Globe

    Housing costs and remote work are among the top reasons people migrated to other areas.

  • "you've intentionally given wrong directions just so the tourist will leave your town"

    Many people don’t like tourists, or they just like to mess with them. For this reason, you may end up in the wrong place on purpose.

    11 Massachusetts Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

    You were born a Sox fan, love the Kennedys, hate New Yorkers, and are half of an epic bromance.

  • "Beeped at someone at a stop sign"

    If you stop for longer than a split second, you’re doing it wrong and you’ll hear from a Masshole.

    These 'road rage' TikToks by a Peabody man echo all your Massachusetts driving woes

    Dalton DeLima is a North Shore kid, born and raised, and he hates that you're in the wrong lane. "The Proper Masshole," as DeLima describes himself online, is a TikTok [...]

  • "Crossed over four lanes of traffic without blinking an eye."

    It’s become a way of life. We cut people off and cross lanes of traffic without even looking sometimes. Just so we can get where we need to go quickly.

  • "hit a big ass pothole and turnt the volume up so you couldn’t hear the damage"

    Potholes are rampant in Massachusetts. Hit one and it could ruin your car. But turn up the radio loud enough and it may just disappear.

    Massachusetts has 4th highest rate of pothole complaints in the US

    An examination of pothole complaints revealed Massachusetts has the 4th highest number per mile of road.

  • "Get mad at a pedestrian for crossing the street or hitting the walk button"

    Pedestrians have the right of way. But in Massachusetts, they’re still taking their lives in their own hands.”

    Heads up drivers: A new Mass. law on passing cyclists and pedestrians is now in effect

    Massachusetts drivers must be more mindful of "vulnerable" road users such as cyclists and pedestrians under a new state law.

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