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11am - 4pm

I keep bringing back the ’90s one-hit wonders to the 12 Inch Poll because you keep giving me songs I’d forgotten about.


It all started last month with my list of 12 ’90s one-hit wonders that rock. Last week, we doubled that number with 24 one-hit wonders that you suggested. Yet again, that list led to another list of forgotten alt-rock gems from the ’90s. There are 18 total: 17 of your suggestions plus last week’s Poll winner. Scroll the list below and vote for your favorite. I’d say suggest any that are missing, but I think we have all the important ones covered now!

  • Big Wreck "The Oaf"

  • Cherry Poppin' Daddies "Zoot Suit Riot"

  • Cornershop "Brimful Of Asha"

  • EMF "Unbelievable"

  • The Flys "Got You (Where I Want You)"

  • Geggy Tah "Whoever You Are"

  • Helmet "Unsung"

  • Hum "Stars"

  • Meat Puppets "Backwater"

  • New Radicals "You Get What You Give"

  • The Nixons "Sister"

  • Orange 9mm "Failure"

  • Quicksand "Thorn In My Side"

  • Reel Big Fish "Sell Out"

  • School Of Fish "3 Strange Days"

  • Schtum "Skydiver"

  • Sneaker Pimps "6 Underground"

  • Squirrel Nut Zippers "Hell"