Watch these 11 funniest James Campbell Peep Show videos and find out why we think James, the producer of the Dave & Chuck the Freak show is so damn funny.

Whether he’s playing characters, getting angry, or expressing his passion for wrestling, Taco Bell, and erotica, he’s never shy to give his honest (and hilarious) opinions.  We’ve collected some of our favorites (oh, there are many more!) for you to watch.

We love James…and once you watch these, we know you’ll love him as much as we do.

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  • James the Erotic Voice-Over Artist

    A listener e-mails the show and wants James to record some erotic audio to play for his wife in he bedroom because she finds his voice sexy. Watch as he tries to replicate the scene from “True Lies” with Jamie lee Curtis and the French guy.

  • James' Brave Confession

    James reveals deep, dark secrets about his childhood bedroom issues. Bunk beds, bed-wetting, and awkward sleepovers all come pouring out.

  • James is a T Rex

    A Massachusetts carpenter sends a photo of his finger after he got a nail through while listening to the show.  James was not ready and his reaction was like a horrified T Rex.  Watch how it became called “The James.”

  • James and Al Guitar Protest

    A guy protests outside a dentist’s office by shredding on guitar. The show imagines James hiring Al to play guitar at businesses he has issues with.  Watch James lash out at McDonalds, Build A Bear, and even the car wash while Al claims he’d never be able to keep up with all of James’ rage.

  • James vs. Orin

    95-year-old Orin has been volunteering at 7-11 for 30 years.   Chuck and James describe what it would be like if James was Orin’s boss.

  • James the SexBot

    Surveys show more people are willing to have sex with robots.  What if that robot was a man?  What if that robot was James?

  • Cheesy Gordita Meltdown

    While discussing the items being cut from the Taco Bell menu, James goes ballistic when he hears the cheesy gordita crunch is on the chopping block.  This is a meltdown of epic proportions.

  • Life-Saving Ass to Mouth

    Scientists say humans can breathe through their butt.  The show talks about what it might be like to save James’ life with mouth-to-ass resuscitation.  It’s pain, pleasure, and hilarity all at the same time.

  • James Prepares to Peg

    A listener e-mail asks what to do with his hands in a specific sex position.  When everyone tries to visualizes it, James all of a sudden gets into position to show what it should look like. You gotta see it to believe it.

  • James Has Roid Rage

    After some time away from the show with a bad case of Poison Ivy, James is also dealing with equipment failure, new water machine, and some roid rage from his medicine.   It’s classic James.

  • James' John Cena Moment

    We saved the best for last.  It’s no secret James LOVES John Cena (almost to the point of stalking.)  He finally met his idol and describes the experience.
    You can see pics of his experience here.

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