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The film that launched the franchise. Bested only slightly by its sequel.

In celebration of #MayThe4th and #RevengeOfThe5th, I present to you the nine Star Wars Films in the Skywalker Saga, ranked.


I feel I’m in a position of expertise to be able to do this, so allow me to share my Star Wars credentials. I was born in 1977, the same year that the Star Wars franchise debuted with A New Hope. I was too young to see the follow-up–The Empire Strikes Back–in theatres, but I was 6 years old in 1983. So you know my folks took me to see Return of the Jedi. It’s one of my earliest movie memories, and a big reason why I’m not hearing the usual fan criticisms of that particular Star Wars film. It’s still a favorite of mine.


When Episodes I-III were finally released, I was in my early twenties. Still young enough to feel a connection to my warm childhood memories of Star Wars, but old enough to not get too starry-eyed. I saw all three films on the day of their release in theatres. I even co-hosted the opening night screening of Revenge of the Sith in Boston, because I was working at WBCN. I brought my buddy Kev, the biggest Star Wars geek I’ve ever known. He dressed like Darth Vader. Homemade costume. It was memorable.


The 9 Star Wars Films in the Skywalker Saga, Ranked

My kids were the perfect ages for the releases of Episodes VII-IX in the late 2010’s, and it was a joy introducing them to Episodes I-VI before that big day in December of 2015. So I’ve been at arguably the perfect station of life and fandom for the release of the nine Skywalker Saga films. Take a scroll through and see how I rank them all. Then see how YOU rank them in this 12-Inch Poll. Then hit the ROCK 92.9 Facebook or Twitter to yell at me.