The new trailer of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse out. We now have a bit more insight into what to expect in the highly-anticipated animated film. “Brooklyn’s one and only Spider-Man” starts off the trailer by pissing his parents off with back-talk.

We then see a villain named “The Spot,” who can access portals seemingly through other dimensions. Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) makes fun of him, asking if he’s a cow or dalmatian. But he isn’t able to catch him. Meanwhile, his parents grow concerned over his B in Spanish, his guidance counselor gives them the wake-up call they’ve been ignoring. She tells them, “He’s lying to you. And I think you know it.” All signs point to his parents discovering his secret identity in the Spider-Verse.


Next, we see Gwen Stacy (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld) ask Miles, “Wanna get out of here?” We see the “elite crew with all the best Spider-people.” As we previously reported, Issa Rae is the motorcycle-riding Spider-Woman, Jorma Taccone is the high-flying villain Vulture and Oscar Isaac is the brutal Spider-Man 2099. Daniel Kaluuya is Hobart “Hobie” Brown, aka Spider-Punk and Jason Schwartzman is the Spot.

In the trailer, Isaac’s Spider-Man tells Morales that he “can never be part of this.” He then references 2021’s live action Spider-Man: No Way Home saying, “Don’t even get me started on Doctor Strange and that little nerd on Earth 199999!” Standing up for Morales walks in a robed Peter B. Parker, who has a baby! He jokes, “Come on, go easy on the kid, he had a terrible teacher.”

Miles is told, “Being Spider-Man is a sacrifice. You have a choice between saving one person and saving every world.” However, Miles rejects being told what to do, regardless of the Spider-People being pitted against him. Hilariously, the iconic Spider-Man pointing meme happens with all of the Spider-People when they’re told to “stop Spider-Man.”

As for the live-action resident Spider-Man, Tom Holland told Syfy back in 2021 that he is “just waiting for the call” to be added to the animated movie series. If he’s appearing in the film, Sony is keeping it under wraps. Even Zendaya, who plays MJ (Michelle Jones-Watson) wants in. She said, “Love those movies.” Holland, who plays Peter Parker, adds, “Guys, call us. Put us in your movie, we want to be in it.” Jacob Batalon, who plays Ned, wants his character and MJ to join Peter in the animated adventure. “Let me know,” he says before correcting himself. “Let us know.”

Producer Amy Pascal even approached Holland about Spider-Verse while filming No Way Home. The British actor said no one has gotten back to him about it. Zendaya asked in response, “Yeah, what the heck?” Marvel always keeps such surprise cameos tightly wrapped, so if any of the live-action stars will offer their voices in Into The Spider-Verse, we won’t know until the movie comes out.

However, we do know that Chris Pine, who voiced an alter-ego of Peter Parker in 2018’s Into the Spider-Verse won’t be returning in the animated sequel. In the film, his Peter Parker gets murdered by Kingpin. His death paves the way for Morales to assume the role of his universe’s Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse comes out on June 2. See stills from the movie below:

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