12 rock stars as horror villains, costumed and masked for your entertainment, just in time for Halloween. But how did we do it?


Say hello to Craiyon. From the website: “Craiyon, formerly DALL·E mini, is an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt!” You might remember earlier in 2022 when the site was making the rounds on social media in its DALL·E mini form. The best AI mashups came from users taking a famous person and putting them into an unlikely scenario. Here, I’ll throw together a quick one by way of example: Tom Brady kissing cereal. Crazy, right? Tom Brady would NEVER kiss cereal! He’d never put cereal anywhere near his mouth!



I’ve been trying for months to find an angle to use this wonderful website for dubious purposes on ROCK 92.9. I toyed around with having different front men and women leading different bands, or having ROCK artists collaborate with artists from the pop or country world. But none of the images I was able to generate were worth sharing. Then October rolled around. Spooky season was upon me, and I was in the spirit. I put together this 12-Inch Poll about the greatest horror movie villains, and that’s when inspiration struck.


12 Rock Stars As Horror Villains

Why not use Craiyon to turn some of our favorite rockers into some of the scariest villains to ever hit the screen? So I got to work, and here we are. Iconic front men and women in AI costume, parading around as iconic characters from horror films. As you’ll see, some came out hilariously perfect, while others missed the mark. But that’s AI for you. Still, even the not-so-good ones are still pretty good. I think I cast Joan Jett pretty well as the Hell Priest. Take a look for yourself.

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