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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about deer are more deadly than other deadly animals, Bob Ross didn’t have naturally curly hair, Meatloaf’s album Bat Out Of Hell still sells 200K copies per year, reporter went undercover to try to bust Kia Boys, older people are less likely to use emojis than younger adults, chiropractor accused to being a perv, people injured after amusement park tram’s brakes failed, 11 foot gator attacked man while he was walking dogs, man fights off attacking gator with his screw driver, group of people rip bear cubs out of tree to take selfies, AI warning from scientist, how much of your education you use in your daily life, old man sets record to most drinks ordered in most pubs in 24 hours, NBA and NHL playoffs, NFL draft, Rockies hitting coach behind the controls of a United flight, David Beckham suing Mark Wahlberg, stalker mailed 8k cards to Harry Styles, guy won lotto because movie character who looked like him won, Kevin Bacon visited high school from Footloose for 40th anniversary, The Office reboot moving forward, Luke Bryan fell during performance, fan threw something at Nikki Minaj on stage, woman forced herself into neighbor’s home to initiate threesome with him and his girlfriend, man freaks out on McDonald’s worker for forgetting sauces, woman helps her granddaughter beat up another kid, teen attacked classmate with a Stanley Cup, attorney accused of exposing himself at Chick Fil-A, have your parents actually washed your mouth out with soap?, homeless guys get into fight over sushi, perv busted putting camera in CVS bathroom, man followed woman around Walmart touching himself, man went on rampage and cut off guy’s toes with machete, couple busted trying to pass counterfeit lotto ticket, cannabis grow warehouse caught fire on 4/20, dispute over where trash cans should be placed ends in gruesome attack, woman rams someone with her car after they cut her off, woman rams someone with her car after they cut her off, woman lost $18K to jury duty scam, Earth Day, AI in hotel showers to help save water, man files class action lawsuit over drink container holding less than it claims, lost wedding ring found on beach and returned, dog fathers 323 puppies, and more!

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