12% of Parents Steal Office Supply for Kids’ Back-to-School Gear

It's almost back-to-school season. (I know. Too soon. But I don't make the rules.) Anyway, a new report reveals that 12% of parents have admitted to swiping office supplies for their kids' school needs. And get this—5% are even willing to go dumpster diving to save money. It's the middle of July, so it might seem too early to think about school supplies unless you're planning a heist. OK, before we go on, if you're thinking about raiding the office supply closet for your kids' back-to-school needs, let’s talk about the coolest loot you can grab! First up, pens—grab a handful of those fancy gel pens. Your kid will be the envy of the classroom! Next, post-it notes. Who doesn’t love a good sticky note? They’re perfect for reminders and doodles. Don’t forget the highlighters. Make studying a bit more colorful! Then there’s the holy grail: the stapler. Imagine your child’s joy when they show up with a heavy-duty office-grade stapler. And let’s not overlook those fancy notebooks. You know, the ones with the sleek covers and fancy paper. Finally, paper clips—grab a bunch. They’re surprisingly useful and fun to chain together. Parents steal? This report highlights just how far some parents will go to save on back-to-school stuff. Yes, 12% of parents admitted to stealing from work to give their kids school supplies. They didn't specify what they took, whether it was pens, markers, notebooks, or bigger items like backpacks, calculators, and tablets. But wait, there's more. Another 5% of parents said they'd be willing to go dumpster diving if it helps cut costs. That's commitment! Fortunately, many parents have more reasonable tactics. They look out for back-to-school sales, visit multiple stores to find the best deals, use coupons, or buy in bulk and trade supplies with other parents. This trading approach is like a "Settlers of Catan" strategy for school supplies. So, as back-to-school season approaches, keep an eye out for those deals and maybe stick to less risky methods for getting your kids ready.

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