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A Woman Is Caught Setting Her Neighbor’s House on Fire by Her Own Security Cameras

Officers Arrest a Woman for Twerking in Traffic!


A Guy Says the Cocaine on His Nose Isn’t His

A Couple Had Public Sex on a Bike Trail and Left Their Kids Home Alone

A Person Was Found in the Trunk of a Car at a Police Auction

A Guy Fleeing Police Gets Caught After Accidentally Filling His Tank with Diesel

A man arrested after giving officers a fake name while wearing his real name on a lanyard

A Woman Says She “Forgot” to Tell a Jail About the Pills Hidden in Her Cleavage

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What Kind of Trouble Did Florida’s Corey Feldman Get Up To?

A Guy Is Busted for Robbing the Same Dairy Queen Twice in the Same Day

A Woman Calls in a Fake Burglary to Catch Her Husband Cheating and Got Herself Busted with Drugs

Guy claims a disease he suffers from caused him to shoplift

A Robber Uses a Grocery Bag to Hide His Face Then Uses it to Carry the Stolen Goods!


A Drunk Driver Backs Into Another Car, Then Drags It Down the Street

Man in Trouble for Urine Filled Squirt Gun Attack!

Drunk Naked Guy Crashed his SUV and Makes Himself at Home in a Strangers House

An Owner of an $8 Million Private Island Was Caught Stealing from Kmart

A Drunk Woman Asks Cops to Let Her Smoke Weed Before They Take Her to Jail