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Idiot Criminal of the Day

Florida Man Smashed 20 Cars Because Trump Owes Him $1-Trillion?!?

A Guy Throws Thousands of Screws on the Road to Prevent His Ex from Dating Other People

A Guy Threatens His Friend with a Machete for Not Flushing

A Guy Used a Front-End Loader to Dump Dirt on His Girlfriend’s Car After a Fight

Cops Catch a Burglar Who Tried to Cover Himself in Mud to Hide

A Toilet Paper Thief Turns Out to be the Owner of a Janitorial Company Trying to Get Free Inventory

An Instagram Model Steals an E-Cigarette and Tries to Make Her Getaway in Both a Lyft and an Uber

Why did a guy try to break into a Tennessee Jail?

Man Arrested Trying to Avoid Having Sex

Smuggler gets busted hiding drugs under his ridiculous toupee!

A Burglar Breaks-In and Gets Stuck Using an Inversion Table

A Guy is Busted for Bringing His Four-Year-Old Girl on a Burglary Spree

A Woman Is Caught Setting Her Neighbor’s House on Fire by Her Own Security Cameras

Officers Arrest a Woman for Twerking in Traffic!


A Guy Says the Cocaine on His Nose Isn’t His

A Couple Had Public Sex on a Bike Trail and Left Their Kids Home Alone

A Person Was Found in the Trunk of a Car at a Police Auction

A Guy Fleeing Police Gets Caught After Accidentally Filling His Tank with Diesel

A man arrested after giving officers a fake name while wearing his real name on a lanyard

A Woman Says She “Forgot” to Tell a Jail About the Pills Hidden in Her Cleavage

A Guy Is Busted Throwing Concrete Blocks at Police Cars . . . Again?

What Kind of Trouble Did Florida’s Corey Feldman Get Up To?

A Guy Is Busted for Robbing the Same Dairy Queen Twice in the Same Day

A Woman Calls in a Fake Burglary to Catch Her Husband Cheating and Got Herself Busted with Drugs