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3 New England States Make the Top 15 List of Grossest States in America!

What's grosser than gross? Apparently a lot of states in the United States of America. And 3 New England states made the top 15 list of the Grossest in America. Congratulations? The website www.zinnia.com set out to make gross a science and uncovered the grossest states in America. So how did they do it? They looked into some dirty stuff. Not in that way, you sickos! They looked at the metrics of, dirty air, trash, or the percentage of each state that is landfill and the spread of illness like the flu. Gross. "To measure the dirtiness of the air, they referred Air Filters Delivered thorough ranking on air quality. "For the trash rating, they simply used the EPA’s data on the percentage of each state’s land that is taken up by landfills. "Then they looked at the CDC’s ranking on the spread of illnesses in each state like the flu. Because sneezing, coughing, and spreading diseases is pretty gross." They also studied each state's propensity for wearing Crocs. No joke. I mean, they do have a point. Crocs are pretty gross. People don't wear them with socks, they are hideous and generally smell. They also ranked states based on the times they googled recipes with loads of mayo in them, but I just don't understand that. Mayo can be gross, but it's a pretty good staple if you like things like sandwiches, tuna and deviled eggs. ANYWAY. If you think about it, the world is pretty gross in general. (I mean, thinking about the sewer system alone can send me into a maze of disgust and anxiety.) And have you ever seen human behavior on public transportation? The grossest of all. Still, here's where our lovely New England states ranked in the Top 20 Grossest States in the United States. Definitely invest in Purell, masks, and water filters.

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