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It’s National Hot Dog Day Here’s The Crazy Toppings People Are Into

Today is National Hot Dog Day . . . and you can celebrate by creating something UNIQUE. Most of us prefer just the traditional toppings on ours, but there are people that want something different. A lot different. If you like to venture off the ranch and put something other than the usual stuff on top, then you might find something worth trying here. Why not try something new and different seeing that it's National Hot Dog Day? The average person says that they typically eat between 5 and 10 hot dogs each summer, so break the norm and try something new. Or a you the type of person that sticks with the tried and true because you know exactly how you like yours? A recent poll showed that most people have relatively classic tastes when it comes to toppings.  73% of Americans like mustard on hot dogs.  Ketchup is next at 62%.  Then onions, relish, and chili all got at least 50%. But today, Ball Park brand hot dogs is "celebrating freedom of expression" by challenging hot dog lovers to post their unique hot dog topping mashups for a chance to win $2,500 . . . plus, quote, "the ultimate backyard cookout."  (Whatever that is.  They say the total prize is worth $10K.) To enter, post your hot dog-topping combos on TikTok using #HotDogHotTakes and tagging @BallParkBrand.  The videos have to be 60 seconds or less . . . and the contest runs through August 17th. People are pretty hardcore about what you can put on a pizza . . . but when it comes to hot dogs, people are more open-minded. 96% of Americans say people should be free to put whatever condiments they want on hot dogs.  82% say there's no wrong way to dress a hot dog.  And 41% enjoy non-traditional condiments . . . like BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, sriracha, and "savory jam."  (PR Newswire) To get your gears going, we Googled crazy hot dog toppings . . . 1.  Doritos, pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and bacon. 2.  Jalapeno cream cheese and black bean salsa. 3.  Fried egg, arugula, guacamole, and garlic aioli. 4.  Pesto and caramelized onions. 5.  Caramel popcorn. 6.  Mashed potatoes, gravy, and onions. 7.  Celery and blue cheese. 8.  Cheese, marinara, basil, and pepperoni.  (And there are rundowns of some Hot Dog Day DEALS, here and here.)