Celtics Bruins Playoffs Close Canal Street

It's an exciting time for Boston sports here in our great city with the upcoming Celtics Bruins playoffs! This weekend begins a round of playoffs that NBA fans rejoice in. Bruins to follow Monday. Experts are projecting that both the Celtics and Bruins players will have top selling jerseys this year. So player popularity has never been higher! So if you're lucky enough to have playoff tickets, or know someone who does, there are some details around the Garden that you need to know. Stats The Boston Bruins are celebrating after beating the Washington Capitals 5-2, setting the new NHL record for most points in a single season with 133 this week at TD Garden. According to Fox Sports, bet makers love the Celtics: The Celtics should be the betting favorites if you’re going by the advanced stats. Boston is second in defensive efficiency and third in offense. No other team is in the top five in each category.  The main reason Boston has surged the past two years is 3-point shooting. They take 42 3-pointers per game (second behind Golden State), make 16 per game (also second) and rank sixth in 3-point percentage (37.7%). Celtics Bruins Playoffs Close Canal Street WCVB is reporting that the "car free fan zone" is back: A car-free fan zone will be set up around TD Garden when either the Boston Bruins or Boston Celtics have a home playoff game. On Thursday, Michelle Wu announced the return of the Boston Playoff Hub on Canal Street. Fans can gather before and during postseason games at the Garden. The fan zone was first unveiled last May during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Celtics and Miami Heat. The next Bruins game is Monday at home against the Panthers. Celtics are at home tomorrow against the Hawks starting at 3:30 pm. So, GO B's and Celts!!!