In a survey of 6,000 males and females throughout the United States, this study found that people who live in Rhode Island and New Hampshire cheat on their partners the most on bachelor and bachelorette trips.

The Temptation Trap: Cheating During Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor and bachelorette parties have become synonymous with wild nights out, unforgettable adventures, and a last hurrah before tying the knot. These pre-wedding celebrations often involve copious amounts of alcohol, party games, and a sense of liberation. However, amidst the revelry and excitement, an age-old question lingers: How common is it for people to cheat during these parties?

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The Pre-Wedding Celebration Phenomenon

Bachelor and bachelorette parties have evolved considerably over the years. Traditionally associated with a night of debauchery for the groom and his friends or the bride and her squad, these events have transformed into full-blown weekends away or elaborate destination trips. The focus has shifted from mere celebration to creating lasting memories.

The Temptation Factor At Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

When it comes to discussing cheating at bachelor or bachelorette parties, the underlying temptation factor cannot be overlooked. The combination of an exhilarating atmosphere, alcohol consumption, and the presence of attractive strangers can create a potent mix. The pressure to participate in risqué activities or engage in flirtatious behavior can sometimes push individuals outside the boundaries of their committed relationships.

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Studies and Surveys

Several studies have explored the prevalence of cheating during bachelor and bachelorette parties. However, due to the sensitive nature of the topic, acquiring accurate data can be challenging. One study published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy reported that approximately 21% of individuals admitted to cheating or witnessing cheating behaviors during pre-wedding celebrations.

Most recently, conducted a survey where they asked 6,000 US men and women about cheating on bachelor and bachelorette parties. “Cheating” ranged from flirting, to receiving lap dances, to downloading dating apps while at the party and having one-night-stands with strangers. The results were astonishing. 70% of people on those types of parties cheated on their partners. But some states were worse than others and two New England states made the top 10.


Rhode Island People Cheat On Their Partners

According to the study, “… the people can’t resist getting frisky over in Rhode Island as 84.2% of respondents admitted to getting up to no good, of which 47.4% were during bachelorette parties. The majority of two-timing in Rhode Island was the act of getting a lapdance, which 18.75% of respondents admitted to.”

Strip clubs are in Rhode Island. Just saying…

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New Hampshire Is Right Behind Rhode Island

According to the same study with, “New Hampshire is home to iconic sites such as Mount Washington, and it’s a tale as old as time that where there is a bachelor or bachelorette party, there will be wild debauchery. Coming just a few points behind West Virginia, New Hampshire lands in joint-ninth place with 80.0% of respondents doing the dirty. 36.0% of this behaviour is taking place at bachelor parties and 44.0% at bachelorette parties.”

New Hampshire has many oceans, lakes, bars, and temptations. Live free or die, right?

Hampton Beach, Hampton Beach, NH

New England States With The Most Faithful People

Congratulations to Vermont and Maine! These two states are the most committed to their partners when going on bachelor or bachelorette parties. But It still doesn’t mean they are angels.

Vermont finding say, “In the Green Mountain state, 63.6% of our survey respondents admitted committing sinful acts. Of these, the best behaved were those attending bachelor parties (27.3%) compared to bachelorette parties (36.4%). Of these, the most common naughty activity respondents admitted to was signing up for dating apps while attending a party (42.86%).”


And then in Maine, “…Of all respondents in this state, 64.0% admitted to doing the dirty. When broken down by men and women, almost double the amount of naughty behaviour occurs at bachelorette parties (40.0%) compared to bachelor parties (24.0%).


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