There is a new trend taking over TikTok.  The “Everything Shower!”

The Everything Shower has taken over TikTok and begun inspiring people all over to tap into their self-care routines.

The concept is simple it’s basically an extra-long shower . . . maybe an HOUR or more . . . where you give yourself a full spa treatment.

The “Everything Shower” incorporates a set of rituals pre, post, and during a shower. Things like exfoliating, conditioning, shaving, moisturizing, etc. It’s purpose is to make the person feel a moment of luxury in their day.

Users have taken to TikTok to share the steps they take during this moment of luxury.


there’s nothing like an everything shower and self care night to get you back to feeling like yourself 🤍 #selfcare #routine #everythingshower #fyp #showerroutine #nightroutine

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This is not a daily moment of luxury, this is meant for once a week and they recommend picking the same day every week.


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