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Every St. Patrick’s Day, Bostonians embrace their Irish heritage (even if they don’t have any). But Boston isn’t the most Irish city.


According to a recent ranking from The Shane Co., Boston is in the number two city when it comes to Irish ancestry. Still, the numbers are pretty damn impressive for a second place showing. Out of the 100 most populous cities that The Shane Co. ranked, the found that 20.5% of Bostonians claim Irish ancestry. That’s just about one out of every five Boston natives you meet walking the streets of the city!


So who edged us out for the number one spot? That would be Buffalo, NY. But it’s not by a lot. The percentage of population in with Irish ancestry in Buffalo is 21.1%. So they have us edged out by less than a percentage point. Keep that in mind once the football season rolls around and the Buffalo Bills are beating up on our New England Patriots. At least we almost have Buffalo beat in Irish ancestry!


The Most Irish City: Boston is Second. What City is First?

The Shane Co. piece didn’t just stop at tallying up the Irish population, though. They also went through and counted the cities with the most Irish pubs (per 100K residents). Boston lands in the Top 5 there at number 4, with 1.388. Again, we’re edged out by Buffalo, which ranked ahead of is in third with 1.463. I’ll take Boston’s Irish pubs over any other city’s, no matter where we rank.


Back to the topic of Irish ancestry, let’s round out that Top 5. Because I think you might be surprised when you see which cities fall in behind Buffalo and Boston: Syracuse, NY; Scranton, PA, and Philadelphia, PA. And if that’s not enough Irish for you this St. Patrick’s Day, feast your eyes on 7 more facts right here. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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