A video game store in Joplin, Missouri, was trashed after a car drove straight through it. The elderly driver busted through the front wall and several shelves of games.

The lady behind the wheel was actually the grandparent of one of the customers in the store. The grandma claims the throttle was stuck and she had to shove it into drive to prevent going all the way through the store.  Luckily no one was hurt.  You can see the crash go down below.

The store reported that most of the items damaged were the store’s 3DO and PS1 collection and their big ticket items were safe behind the counter.

Crazy enough, this isn’t the first time someone has drove through their store. A similar incident happened to the store at a previous location.


Favorite Video Games to Play When Smoking Weed

Much like peanut butter and chocolate another great classic pairing is video games and cannabis! But not all games are cut out to be played after enjoying the “Devil’s Lettuce” at least IMO.

Shooters and battle royales typically require too much attention to details like aim and trying to keep track of when the next battle ring is closing in…And don’t get me started on the buzz killing stress load from anything close to a survival horror title!

For me I LOVE games that combine fun, care free (no storms/battle rings/scary monsters or pushing opponents) gameplay balanced with some mindless repetition and non-serious competition. Find a title with all four of those and you’ve got a REAL WINNER!

Here are my favorite video games to play post blaze…and during!

  • Wario Ware: Get It Together (Switch)

    The combination of the fast paced constantly changing landscape of this mini puzzle solving game keeps an elevated gamer super stimulated. Sometimes too stimulated but the silly and goofy nature of the puzzles and mini games makes it so much fun you don’t give a crap if you happen to biff a few!


  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)


    For the cannabis connoisseur that gets a little need for speed after some dank bud my choice to feel wind blow my hair back is with this super fun kart racer!

    The perfect balance of non-serious competition (even though we all have THAT ONE friend that takes it a bit too serious) and fun! I highly recommend jamming Deftones “Drive” as a part of your banana tossing, shell throwing, mushroom powered adventure down rainbow road!

  • Super Mario Party (Switch)

    This is the PERFECT non-serious type of competition every stoner can enjoy! You hit blocks, play mini games, and inevitably get screwed out of stars at the end of the final round.

    Also this version of Mario Party has a rhythmic side game you can play with beats so catchy and fun even the most modest of stoner can’t help but dance along.


  • Valheim (PC)

    The mindless clicking of cutting down trees, mining minerals, and gathering berries & mushrooms make doing your chores in the Viking afterlife a breeze. The easy battle mechanism makes taking down GIANT trolls a blast and hunting boar and deer so fulfilling.

    The music and nature sfx put you in that perfect chill mindset and will have you asking is that dank smell coming from the swamp or your latest purchase from your local dispensary?


    Those are my favorite video games to play post blaze! What about you …what video games do you enjoy after a 4:20 session?