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With a record-setting cold snap moving through New England, we have to ask: how cold is Mount Washington going to get?


I’m no meteorologist. I’m just a workaday rock radio DJ. But believe it or not, I aspired to a career in meteorology when I was in grade school! Weather science was fascinating to me. There was a book on weather that I used to take out over and over again from the Greenwood School library. I’m ashamed to say, I never returned it. I hope no one from Wakefield Public Schools reads this. The overdue fees are probably astronomical.


For meteorological expertise, I always turn to Dave Epstein. He’s @growingwisdom on Twitter and his feed is an indispensable source of weather info and gardening info and cool pics of sunsets and moonrises. I think my man Dave actually gets up with the sun in the morning and goes to bed when the sun goes down at night. Which is wild if it’s true. That’s some 19th century farmer energy right there.


How Cold Is Mount Washington This Weekend?

I popped over to Dave’s Twitter feed to see what info he had on the cold front that’s icing out New England this weekend. He didn’t disappoint.


In other words, stay the hell inside Friday evening and early Saturday morning. And if you need to head out at all on Saturday, the later the better. Now, what about Mount Washington? The peak is well known for erratic weather phenomenon and record-breaking cold and wind. And this weekend will be no exception. Mount Washington Observatory is already posting summit conditions of -33 with 100mph winds and a wind chill of -89. The expectation? Wind chills of -100.


Dave shared a link to the Mount Washington Observatory Tower Cam. It already looks like Hoth. Take a look below, and stay safe this weekend.