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People give their pets lots of interesting names. But this dog named after a legendary Boston music venue is one of the best yet.


Yesterday, MSCPA-Angell’s Facebook page featured a new dog to adopt:

Introducing TT the Bear! This 3 year old hound came up from South Caroline and his brand tells us that he was a hunting...

Posted by MSPCA-Angell on Monday, January 30, 2023


The post reads:

“Introducing TT the Bear! This 3 year old hound came up from South Carolina and his brand tells us that he was a hunting dog in his past life. If you’ve met a hunting dog, you’ll know that TT needs lots of space to run and sniff, can be a bit of a loud mouth and should not live with small animals or cats. He would likely enjoy another high energy dog in his home and a family that wants to keep him busy! To learn more about TT the Bear, fill out an adoption inquiry form or stop by Nevins Farm Tuesday-Sunday 12-3!”


Adopt a Dog Named After a Legendary Boston Music Venue

Business first: the inquiry form can be accessed and filled out here. The Noble Family Animal Care and Adoption Center at Nevins Farm is located at 400 Broadway in Methuen, just a few turns off of 93. And if you want to be the one who gives TT the Bear his forever home, you should probably act fast. I can see this hound getting scooped up quickly.


And if you do end up becoming the lucky owner, don’t change his name! I know some pet owners who adopt are keen on rechristening, but this fella is already 3 years old. And he’s named after one of the greatest live music venues in the greater Boston music scene: T.T. the Bear’s Place in Cambridge. So many great moments there over the years, from local acts to national acts to the WBCN Rumble. T.T.’s might be gone, but the spirit lives on in this hound dog.