LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 24: Nipsey Hussle performs onstage at Live! Red! Ready! Pre-Show, sponsored by Nissan, at the 2018 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 24, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Nipsey Hussle fans are outraged about a Family Guy clip that they feel disrespects the late rapper. The clip in question is from a Season 19 episode titled “Young Parent Trap,” which aired in April of 2021. Chris (voiced by Seth Green) tells his parents, Peter and Lois, that he’s going to attend a music festival. Peter and Lois ask Chris more about the festival .

“They’re gonna have holograms of 2Pac and also Nipsey Hussle, who I’d never heard of and then was told to care immensely about,” Chris says.

Twitter users argued several points about the joke. Some pointed out that Family Guy was out of pocket for trying to diminish the rapper’s legacy.

“Yeah that’s wild to even speak on. Seth [MacFarlane] a loser for this,” one fan wrote referring to the show’s creator.

Others said that the joke was directed at those who joined the bandwagon after he died in 2019.

“Sadly, this is actually the truth though,” a fan tweeted. “A lot of people (myself included) didn’t know of Nipsey until his death. I became a fan of his music after his death which is a little unfortunate.”

Some chalked it up to how Family Guy operates.

“Family Guy and South Park been wildin for 20 years. Don’t get fake outrage now,” one Twitter user responded defending the show.

Many others argued that Nipsey’s music necessarily wasn’t mainstream which is why they thought the joke could fly.

“The fact they thought they had to do that was weird,” a fan commented. “I get they’ve said worse and done worse on that show but like NOBODY in the writers room thought ‘hey I don’t think nipsey was for us to care about in the first place?’ Lol”

Take a look at the clip below: