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A Massachusetts high school was the subject of an NPR story over the weekend and even got a mention on Saturday Night Live.


On the Friday, January 20 edition of NPR’s Morning Edition, host Steve Inkeep spoke to the subject of why the lights at a Massachusetts high school can’t be turned off. The school in question? Minnechaug Regional out in Wilbraham. Said Inkeep:

“Students in Massachusetts are stuck in the limelight. The lighting system at Minnechaug Regional High School malfunctioned back in August of 2021. Ever since then, the building has been lit 24/7. Taxpayers are relieved to hear the necessary replacement parts have finally arrived and will be installed next month. The company says they will be sure to install a system override switch.”


I’m sure the taxpayers are elated, sure. But what about the neighbors? Those poor souls on nearby Tinkham Rd. and Evangeline Dr. and Federal Ln. have had their neighborhoods lit up for over a year now! And this is Western Massachusetts we’re talking about, so imagine all the wildlife running around, wondering what the hell is going on.


Massachusetts High School Makes Headlines, SNL ‘Weekend Update’

The story landed on the radar of the writers at Saturday Night Live, too. And that, in turn, landed on the Weekend Update desk. Update cohost Colin Jost covers the news item right around the :30 mark of this clip:


“Due to a computer error, a school in Massachusetts has been unable to turn off its lights for over a year and a half. The students are doing fine, but the classroom hamster has gone insane.”


You know you’ve made the big time when Saturday Night Live is dedicating a Weekend Update piece to you. Best of luck to Minnechaug Regional High School and the fine folks out in Wilbraham. Now you can finally get some sleep.