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No, “What’s Billy Corgan Eating On Stage In Between Songs?” isn’t this week’s 12-Inch Poll. It’s an actual question that needs answering.


The Smashing Pumpkins are currently on the road with Jane’s Addiction for their Spirits On Fire Tour. The two bands played TD Garden back in October, and it was a great rock show. I was there with my 14-year-old, I had them review the show, we had a fantastic time. The Pumpkins, in particular, were a joy to see with my kid because they were my favorite band in the world when I was only a few years older than they are now. And both bands brought high energy and tons of hits. But one thing Billy Corgan didn’t bring to Boston?



Last week, footage from the Milwaukee stop of the Spirits On Fire Tour popped up on YouTube. The video, titled “Billy Corgan eating chips and dip on stage during Smashing Pumpkins show in Milwaukee,” appears to show just that: Billy Corgan having a little snack in between songs. Or, rather, during a lengthy solo by drummer Jimmy Chamberlain. Here, take a look:


That sure looks like a nice, crispy potato chip. But what’s in the cup? Perhaps a tangy bit of onion dip? Or do you think Billy prefers something cheesy? The YouTube comments are fantastic: “Despite all my rage I am still gonna eat all the Lays.” “The world is a snack break.” Naturally, fans were riffing big time and using “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” as inspiration. But this comment really hit for me: “He’s earned it man. Cobain, Staley, Weyland, Cornell……all gone. If you are not only still here from that era but are still making a few radio shots and lucrative touring…’ve earned it.”


Amen. Enjoy your chips and dip, Billy. We love you.